The truth about the relationship between Riquelme and Falcioni in Boca

The truth about the relationship between Riquelme and Falcioni in Boca 5

Gustavo Otero physical trainer of the technical body of Julio Falcioni in Boca, gave details of the bad relationship between the Emperor and Juan Román Riquelme in the Xeneize. Back then, the 10th had complained about the ways of the CT: "I play when the coach tells me, I decide nothing … Eight months ago, Falcioni made me run like an idiot against All Boys and I didn't say anything" .
" When Román said that we had made him run like a fool it was because he did not agree with what we had decided, the idea was to give him one more week of rest to sharpen it from a physical point of view," said the PF, in dialogue with Mundo Boca Radio.
And along the same lines, he added: " Those are the things that one from a distance thinks could have been handled in a different way communicate them better to avoid those friction with Román and thus be more united. We always thought we were doing our best . "
" Today the relationship with Román would be handled differently, these are things that one learns over time . I did not speak to him again but there was never a fight, a tense situation did arise that was not what If I came across Román I would give him a hug without any problem we evaluate what we do over time and the players we once coach know that we manage in a professional way looking for the best for everyone "said Otero.
For his part, Otero also spoke about the decision Riquelme made before the final against Corinthians when Román stood in front of his teammates and said that he would not continue in Boca: "Today it is difficult to know how much The decision that Riquelme made before the final with Corinthians influenced the squad, nobody knows, what I can tell you is that we were all mobilized with that situation . We played 13 games before playing that night vs. Corinthians and the team had shown something totally different. An attitude and a fervor had been showing that did not appear that night. In that final something extra football turned us into a team that did not maintain what it had done during all that Copa Libertadores ".
" Both Falcioni and I feel highly valued by the Boca fan if there were questions it was not because of our way of working but because of the affection people had for Bianchi and Riquelme. The Boca world wanted to the stars, I wanted Bianchi and Riquelme. It was logical that this happened and we understood it in a mature way. Today we felt recognized by the fan. I was looking forward to continuing in Boca, it was a great experience for us; we would also have loved to return at some point, it was a step with moments of great pressure too, "closed Otero.

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