The triathlete Rapapolvo Saúl Martínez to the "runners" who complain about not being able to leave



The Spanish triathlete Saúl Martínez has been unable to resist and has jumped at the comments of the running fans who do not stop complaining for not being able to go out since the government announced that it will soon allow children under 12 to leave their homes.

The athlete used his account on the social network Twitter to ugly the criticism and protests of those who cannot run because of the confinement derived from the coronavirus pandemic that affects Spain with particular hardness.

«I am tired of reading tweets from athletes saying 'why can't I go running and the children go to the streets if I do?' Reason 1) you should be mature and know how to be sufficient to manage the situation as well as possible, which a child does not, "the triathlete started.

" 2) That you can go running, it would unleash a fever in the general population more uncontrollable than the previous pandemic, that is, is full of retarded people who would run anywhere, at all hours and without respecting distances or security measures, "he continued.

«3) this type of regulation is imposed for some reason. Stop and think that given the lack of seriousness and knowing that there is, unfortunately, abundant in our society allowing you to go out to train is total folly, "he added.

And after these three points summed up his opinion: « Don't be agonizing, stay in your fucking house and stop spitting out your mouth or on social networks . Nobody conspires against you and nobody wants to bitch you. In a different society … perhaps the possibility could have been considered, but … it is not the case ». To conclude later with a taunt to the critics: «Postscript: that type of comment says a lot about you. Prioritizing your physical well-being over the health of the rest of human beings, fools ".

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