The tough decision of a lineman to protect the health of soccer players

S. D. | EFE
Updated: 06/07/2020 17:27
César Noval, lineman and surgeon announced this Sunday his refusal to referee in the remainder of the season to preserve the health of his teammates, the football establishment and that of his patients, as reported in a statement. . The assistant, who has his own surgery clinic, has decided not to referee again in any of the eleven days that remain to finish LaLiga Santander postponed by the coronavirus pandemic that forced the state of alarm to be decreed In March. "The reason for this decision is twofold: on the one hand, to preserve the health of my teammates and that of all components of football who will resume their activity soon. And, on the other hand, preserve the health of my patients to whom we owe ourselves and for whom we have a duty and obligation, "he said. " It was a very hard decision . During the last months, we have worked a lot to keep in shape despite the confinement, we have carried out physical and medical tests during the last weeks that we have passed successfully, "he added. For Noval, the daily exposure he has in the operating room supposes a possibility of contagion higher than the average of the population and he does not want to "put at risk" his colleagues in the football establishment and his patients for doing the necessary trips in the daily practice of soccer. « Thanks, mainly to Carlos Velasco Carballo, the President of the Technical Committee of Referees, for his constant support during these last months and especially during these last weeks, and allow me to make this decision for myself. He shares my decision and supports it and I am very grateful that he allowed me to reach the end of this period, "he concluded.

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