The tennis players will know on June 10 how the season ends



It is not easy to imagine the de-escalation in tennis surely one of the sports that most complicated has to recover life as it was before. The extensions have been extended and in early June it was planned to officially announce that the tour of North American cement was also suspended. That is, the events in Washington, Toronto, Cincinnati and Winston Salem which make up the series prior to the US Open, fell off the calendar. If something that many took for granted was confirmed, the dispute of the US Grand Slam is more in doubt than ever, since it is hard to imagine that the competition will recover with a tournament of that caliber and without any filming.

As reported Yesterday "Marca", June 10 will be the day when the players will have news about the rest of the season. They are summoned to hold a telematic meeting and that is when they will be informed about the American tour and the land tournaments in Europe. In any case, Bernard Giudicelli president of the French Tennis Federation, assured that Roland Garros will be played and even warned that the idea is for there to be spectators in the French arena.

Meanwhile, the tennis players entertain themselves with exhibition tournaments or with playoffs to gradually resume the sensations of competition. In Spain it would be played in Villena from July 1 and then the Mapfre League will begin in Lérida, Valencia, Madrid and Avilés.

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