The Swimming Federation solves water polo leagues with champions and promotions



The Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN) held this Saturday the meeting of its Delegate Commission and decided to conclude the national leagues , respecting the classification at the time of suspension and allowing promotions but not decreases.

The RFEN is already studying the saturation that the 2021 and 2022 calendars will have due to the cancellation of the current season due to the COVID-19 crisis . "The Commission approved the cancellation of all state competitions in all sports specialties," says the Federation statement.

Regarding the National Water Polo Leagues, the proposal "arising from the meeting of all the clubs of the Premaat Leagues so that the affected regulations were modified and consider the existing classification valid at the time of suspension granting the titles of champion to the first classified and classification for the competitions European in the order established in said classifications. ”

In this way, they were confirmed as champions of the highest category the Zodiac CN Atlètic-Barceloneta, in men, and the CN Mataró, in feminine . "It was also agreed that there would be no decreases and yes promotions," adds the Federation. 2020.

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