The start of the Swedish championship was scheduled for June 14

The official website of Allsvenskan, the highest Swedish football league, announced that the start of the national championship was scheduled for June 14. The decision was made following a videoconference with representatives of 32 clubs playing in the two strongest Swedish divisions. All competitors voted in favor. At the moment, the management of Allsvenskan and the second division (Superettan) is working on a new calendar. To approve the schedule, it is necessary to consult with UEFA on the approximate dates of international matches. Sweden hopes to hold matches with the audience, but this will depend on the decision of the authorities and the development of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic. Bolshunov, Kostornaya, Repilov. Who admired the most? The winter season this year was almost complete and brought us many bright victories. "Soviet Sport" summed up the results in the Olympic species. And this material is about our most successful teams. 03/29/2020 22:30 Figure skating Nikolay Mysin, Tigay Leo Coronavirus kills tennis. And this is not a figure of speech. Cancellation of many tournaments, including Wimbledon, and a forced pause in the Tour leads to dire consequences. Most tennis players now simply have nothing to live on. 04/16/2020 20:00 Tennis Nikolay Mysin In Europe, they again discovered a soccer biological bomb. Next in line – Russia British scientists believe that the match Liverpool – Atletico could contribute to the spread of coronavirus. 04/21/2020 11:00 Football Sergeev Ivan “I am a pensioner of Olympic significance – I live in a village, I fight the virus with birch sap” Silver medalist of the Olympics in ice dancing and our columnist Sergey Shakhrai discusses the advantages of living in a village in the current conditions. 04/13/2020 16:00 Figure skating Volokhov Yuri “In the locker room I would love to sit between Forsberg and Sakik” the NHL held an online conference with Pittsburgh striker Evgeni Malkin, defenders Dmitry Orlov from Washington and Mikhail Sergachev from Tampa Bay ". 04/21/2020 22:00 Hockey Domrachev Vladislav “Polkhovsky was kicked out of three countries, and the RBU is moving him to the head coach” Four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov – on the candidacy of Valery Polkhovskiy for the post of head coach of the Russian national team. 04/10/2020 16:00 Biathlon Volokhov Yuri Take-off and departure of Mary. How Sharapova completed her career Five-time champion of "Grand Slam" and the ex-first rocket of the planet announced her retirement. 02/26/2020 22:00 Tennis Mysin Nikolay Ekaterina Bobrova: And then Zhulin slapped me in the face … (video) Olympic champion Ekaterina Bobrova, even before quarantine was introduced, visited the Sovetsky Sort press center. Today we publish the second part of the conversation. 04/07/2020 13:00 Figure skating Volokhov Yuri, Ivanova Daria, Klyuchnikova Anastasia, Tigay Leo Drunken accidents, laughing gas and prostitutes: which of the players was quarantined by the observer of “Soviet Sport” – about which of the players and how violates the quarantine. 04/21/2020 21:30 Football Lukaschi Anastasia The revolution in the RBU failed: no one won, the biathlon lost The likelihood that the leadership in the Biathlon Union of Russia will change after yesterday's meeting of the RBU Board is very small. 04/08/2020 13:30 Biathlon Oleg Chikiris

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