The sports director of Dortmund Borussia conceded defeat in the championship race

Dortmund Borussia held a press conference on the eve of the match for the 30th round of the German championship against Hertha. Yellow-black sports director Michael Zork admitted that the team will not be able to get ahead of Bayern and win the league title this season. "From our point of view, the winner of the championship has already been determined," the official website of Borussia quotes Tsorka. – We do not believe that Bayern may lose leadership. At the moment we are in second place and would like to end the season in this position. ”After 29 rounds, Bayern are 7 points ahead of Dortmund. On Saturday, June 6, Borussia will host Gertu in their field. This has never happened before, and here again: the board of the RBU approved new coaches, but not those whom it had approved before. 05/27/2020 9:00 p.m. Biathlon Chikiris Oleg “Why did the conversation with the regions begin just now?” Yana Romanova answers a letter from Drachev. The President of the RRF sent letters to the members of the Council of the RRB in the regions arguing for his position on the main issues. In the regions, the letter was received with bewilderment. 05/12/2020 22:00 Biathlon Chikiris Oleg Rossiyanina Ilyuchenko recognized as the best in the championship of Korea. He could play now for Lokomotiv. 29-year-old striker Stanislav Ilyuchenko, after quarantining, managed to score three goals and one transfer for the Pohang Steelers club in four rounds of the Korean Football League. 06/04/2020 11:26 Football Grigoryevskaya Julia Kasperovich and Noritsyn, whom we lost. Why did the coaches choose Bulgaria? Next season, Alexander Kasperovich will work as the head coach of the Bulgarian biathlon team, and Vitaly Noritsyn will help him. 05/21/2020 22:30 Biathlon Oleg Chikiris Who goes into the “adults” – 2. Don’t try to miss Panfilova and Rylov We continue the topic of yesterday’s juniors, who from this year will constantly appear in “adult” international tournaments. 05/24/2020 5:00 PM Figure skating Tigay Lev Karen Khachanov: I replaced shrimp meat, I don’t want to get vaccinated with coronavirus A well-known Russian tennis player took a look at the live Instagram of the journalist Maria Komandnaya. 05/12/2020 10:00 Tennis Julia Grigoryevskaya Who will move Federer, Nadal and Djokovic? From Hyun Chong to Rublev and Medvedev. Part I “Soviet Sport” compiled a list of the best young players no older than 25 years old who simply must become stars. Among them are three Russians. 06/04/2020 16:28 Tennis Mysin Nikolay UFC on ESPN 9. Woodley vs. Burns and Shevchenko’s comeback “Soviet Sport” talks about what kind of fights the UFC tournament will enjoy this week and where you can watch it. 05/28/2020 11:00 MMA Usachev Vladislav Russia in the first place for 15 years, CSKA for the fourth time since 2015. And what will happen to the ceiling? The famous hockey portal Hockey Archives has compiled an annual ranking of the best clubs in Europe. 06/03/2020 19:30 Hockey Dmitry Kuznetsov They wanted to overthrow him after Lake Placid. On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Viktor Tikhonov Today, the renowned hockey coach Viktor Tikhonov would have turned 90 years old. 06/04/2020 08:36 Hockey Domrachev Vladislav

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