The shocking physical change of Chino Maidana in quarantine: lost 30 kilos facing his return to the ring

In 2019, five years from his last official bout points defeat to Floyd Mayweather in the MGM Grand of ] Las Vegas Marcos "Chino" Maidana announced that would fight again . He had officially retired in 2016, with a letter expressing his intention to focus on his boxing promotion company Chino Maidana Promotions after a long time out of the ring. But something told him he still had boxing in him, and so he flew back to Prince Ranch in Las Vegas to prepare.
He had signed by three fights with Premier Boxing Champions the company of Al Haymon representative of Mayweather. The physical preparation in Las Vegas promised to be intense, especially for someone who had spent five years without fighting and who was known to have difficulties giving weight. Already in the final stages of his demanding exercise plan, Maidana warned: "I do not want to go wrong and be a role." A week later in April 2019, he abruptly returned to the country and announced his definitive retirement .
Thus, the return of one of the last Argentine boxers to face face to face with the elite was frustrated. Maidana is the only one to have fought twice with Floyd Mayweather, considered the best pound for pound of all time ( Gustavo Cuello Carlos Ríos and ] Carlos Baldomir did it once). But just seven months later and to everyone's surprise, El Chino announced a final exhibition match : he would fight Jorge "Acero" Cali former kickboxing champion , in April of this year.

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    The fight was scheduled for 4/18 in Tecnópolis
Of course, the coronavirus pandemic thwarted the conduct of the combat, scheduled for <strong> April 18 </strong> in <strong> Technopolis </strong>but did not stop Chinese preparation. Facing the fight, and with the aim of giving the best possible image, Maidana was sharing on Instagram images of her <strong> training </strong> and her <strong> surprising physical change </strong>. Thanks to the meticulous plan that his coach prepared for him, the Venezuelan <strong> Rafael Liendo </strong><strong> lost 30 kilos </strong> and at 36 he looks almost at the level of his glory days.</p>
<p>"It has been six years since he did anything and I want his body and mind to return to the physical part he had," Liendo said in an interview with Infobae. "Today it is at 78, when we reach 75 we are going to work on the bodybuilding part," he explained and made his objective clear. "We are aiming for the 69 kilos superlight", referring to the category in which Maidana won his <strong> first world title </strong> in 2011, in that historic fight against the Mexican <strong> Érik Morales </strong> in the that the legend of the <strong> "Chinese" champion </strong> was born.</p>
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