The Segunda B clubs end the season without debt with their players



The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has reported this Friday that all the clubs in Second Division B have finished the season 2019/2020 without debts with their players something that happens for the second time in history.

The RFEF explains that "this season it has contributed some 30 million euros in funds that the most modest clubs in Spanish football receive" and that "it has done so through various programs, such as 'Impulso 23' or 'Cantera con Valores', and specific measures related to the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, aimed at Second Division B and Third Division teams (among others) " .

"Altogether there has been a 50% increase in these funds, which has led to the largest financial distribution in the history of amateur football," adds the agency.

"Thanks to these aids, in addition of course to the good management of those in charge of the clubs, all the Second Division B teams have finished the season without debt with their players , as has been confirmed this Friday morning in the AFE – Second Division B Mixed Commission ".

Remember that "it is the second time in history that 100% of the debts have been settled since the aforementioned Commission was created, so the RFEF considers that the steps that are being taken are on the way appropriate, even if we take into account that it has been a season in which the tremendous difficulties added by the COVID-19 pandemic have been added, which forced the competition to end early. "

Thirteen Third Division clubs

The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) however, has also reported this Friday that a total of 13 clubs of the Third Division have not paid the debts claimed by their players.

The union has indicated that, "once the deadline" set for this Friday at noon, Alcoyano, Guadalajara, Lanzarote , Novelda, Olímpic, Real Avilés, Real Jaén, Atlético Saguntino, AD San ​​Juan de Mozarrifar, Toledo, Xerez CD, Arandina and Deusto "have not satisfied the total of the payments established by the Mixed Commission AFE-3ª División to cover the amounts claimed by their players ", although, without mentioning which ones, he also clarified that some of them" owe minimal amounts "that he believes will be settled" shortly ".

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