The secrets that made Spain world champion in 2010



On July 11, 2010, Spain won its first World Cup after defeating the Netherlands in the final, with a goal of Andrés Iniesta in extra time. It was the confirmation of a team that had conquered the European Championship for two years and that would win again in the continental tournament in 2012. Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the celebrated milestone, Rakuten TV premieres a documentary ( « The secrets of La Roja – World Champions ») this Thursday for free, in which some of the best-kept secrets on how to win the World Cup are revealed. From the hand of some of the most outstanding protagonists of the championship, such as Vicente del Bosque, Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Iker Casillas, David Villa, Jesús Navas, Joan Capdevila, Pedro Rodríguez or Carlos Marchena, the achievement of the title is rehearsed most important at the national team level and how it was created since the national coach offered the squad list.

«If they tell me he was going to raise the cup like Cafu, Matthaus, Romario, Maradona , Kempes … I would not have believed it », says Xavi in ​​the final moments of the documentary, which starts with Del Bosque's doubts about Iniesta with physical problems, and Navas, who is a problem anxiety deprived him of coming with the selection. "We had a duty to wait for him," acknowledges the former coach over the La Mancha midfielder. The documentary explains how "the permanent frustration" that Spain experienced every time it reached a World Cup event turned into success. "Whenever we threw a coin in the air, a cross would come out, we thought that the World Cup was unattainable" he assures himself before having a memory of Luis Aragonés. "There has always been talent but we lacked credibility and we owe that to Luis. Del Bosque played few things but what he played he played well ", acknowledged Xavi.

The documentary reveals how the components of the team affected the defeat in the first game against Switzerland which endangered the pass for the next phase and left Iniesta injured, the nerves that lived against Honduras or the "terror" that produced the confrontation against Chile in the party that closed the group stage and that he could leave Spain out of the World Cup. Precisely, Villa how confidence was built on his left leg to achieve the winning goal. Each encounter has a little-known story that Rakuten TV sheds light on in this documentary. The fear of Cristiano Ronaldo's fouls in the round of 16 or the key to Casillas stopping the penalty kick against Paraguay in the quarterfinals which was decisive in reaching the semifinals.

With a good sense of humor, Xavi Hernández also explains the secret of Puyol's goal against Germany and the defender's insistence that the midfielder execute a center as he wanted. Even Del Bosque had to bow to his request. The coach's talk before facing the Netherlands, Iniesta's dedication to Dani Jarque after scoring the final goal or receiving after winning the final are emotional moments that are collected in a way that had not been seen before. "The stories are there to tell and this one is incredible", sums up Xavi.

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