The Santander League: A memorable '11' for the Atltico-Bara Football News

The Santander League Incredible goals, implausible dribbles, unprecedented controversies in a duel that stopped everything

 A memorable '11' from the Atl

March 1, 2008. The Bara at the end of Rijkaard, with symptoms of decline, visited the Caldern with Madrid, leader of the championship . On the edge of half an hour Xavi throws a cross over the penalty spot and there Ronaldinho draws a spectacular Chilean with which he opens the scoring despite Abbiati's stretch. The Brazilian showed his smile, but Atltico later scored four goals. The match ended 4-2 and Ronaldinho left Bara after that League, in which he left that Chilean.

Ronaldinho's last goal as a Barça player … a spectacular Chilean at Caldern

August 25, 1996. First leg of the Super Cup final, played at the Montjuc stadium. Robson's new Bara, with Ronaldo just arrived, challenges the Atltico, League champion. With 3-2 on the scoreboard, the ball reaches Ronaldo almost in the crner, he faces Geli and makes an incredible dribble, a change of direction with the ball glued to the boot that leaves the rojiblanco side dissected. Then he yields to De la Pea to make it 4-2. At the end, 5-2. In Madrid, 3-1 and Bara champion. The dribble remained like the 'elastic' of Ronaldo, the phenomenon.

FC Barcelona 5 – 2 Atltico de Madrid

April 20, 1996. El Atltico de Antic was going by rocket towards the League, but first he had to knock down Bara. The game was like the day of one of the most narrative feints in history. In the 10th minute, Caminero, pressured by Nadal, protects the ball in a band, threatens without touching the ball by going one way and goes the other. The turn upsets the defense and the rojiblanco passes Roberto who makes the 0-1. In the end 1-3. The Atltico won the League and Caminero's dribbling became eternal.

The dribble from Caminero to Nadal


[1945901514] ] Cruyff's flight

December 22, 1973. Cruyff had been in Barcelona for a few months, enough to revolutionize the environment. The Atltico visit was a thermometer. In the 43rd minute Rexach sent a cross from the right that seemed impossible until Cruyff launched himself into a karate flight that ended with a magical spur on the goal of Reina, a Barça exporter. It was 1-0 to the amazement of the Camp Nou. One of the goals, or the goal, most celebrated in the history of the Dutch genius. The match ended 2-1 and Bara conquered the League.

Cruyff's best goal, the spur to Atltico

January 29, 2015. Second leg of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals. At the Camp Nou he had won the Bara 1-0. At Caldern, in a baked environment, Atltico is ahead, but Bara goes to rest with 2-3 in favor, a result that will no longer move. In the tunnel Gil Manzano expels Gabi. There is no match anymore. In the 48th minute, Arda Turan, unhinged, threw a boot on the linesman. The unprecedented episode remains on a yellow card The Competition Committee will not sanction the Turkish footballer either.

The 'bounce' of Arda Turan to the lineman

March 12, 1997. Copa del Rey. Quarterfinal round. In the first leg, 2-2. The Camp Nou fell silent after half an hour with 0-3 after a triplet by Pantic. This is how you get to the middle. Two goals from Ronaldo appear in the game at Bara, but Pantic scores 2-4 from a penalty. Figo, Ronaldo and Pizzi lift the tie in a stadium that lives in madness. One of the most unforgettable games of that decade. Pantic makes four goals for nothing …

Barcelona 5-4 Atltico (1997)

April 1, 2014. Champions League quarterfinals, first leg. At the Camp Nou, Bara de Martino cannot find the formula to unblock the Cholo system. In the 56th minute, in a play without apparent danger, the Brazilian Diego Ribas, who had replaced Diego Costa, controls one side and from more than 30 meters launches a missile that sneaks through the squad of I paint. It is 0-1. Neymar draws and in the return, Atltico eliminates Bara. Diego's great goal opened the way.

Diego Ribas's goal for Atltico at the Camp Nou

May 10, 1998. League party in Caldern. Van Gaal's Bara had taken a ride in the League. In the 10th minute, at 0-0, the ball reached Rivaldo, who from his own field saw Molina ahead and sent him a tremendous kick that entered his goalkeeper like lightning. A masterpiece of precision and power. It was Pel's 'no goal' uploaded to the score sheet. It was like the marvel of a match that Atltico came back to beat Barça 5-2.

Rivaldo's great goal against Atltico

April 24, 2000. Second leg of the Cup semifinals King. In the first leg, Atltico had surprised them with a resounding 3-0 victory at Caldern. For the Camp Nou, the date of one of the strangest episodes in the history between the two clubs remains. The meeting coincided with a match for the Dutch national team and Bara claimed that they had no players to play it. The Federation believed that this was not the case. Nez did not give in and the team appeared on the Camp Nou side without jumping onto the grass, except in the case of Guardiola, who reached the center of the field where the referee Daz Vega and Santi Denia were waiting. El Bara lost the tie and was suspended for one year without playing the Cup. In the summer, Villar forgave the punishment for a generalized amnesty.

FC Barcelona 0 – Atltico Madrid 3