The San Lorenzo record of Manuel Pellegrini

The San Lorenzo record of Manuel Pellegrini 5

The beginning of 2001 was not easy for San Lorenzo. From institutional financial problems to a public fight between Sebastián Abreu and Eduardo Tuzzio to see who was kicking a penalty kick in a summer friendly match. To sing bingo, coach Oscar Ruggeri resigned days before the Clausura Tournament began. Víctor Hugo Doria took over temporarily while Fernando Miele looked for and surprised with the replacement: the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini . The Engineer had a good record in his country and in Ecuador, but he was unknown to Argentine soccer.
The new coach took office on the third date of the championship and expectations were not too high due to the context in which he had to take over San Lorenzo. In fact, on the eighth date he lost 3-1 against River and was far from the top positions in the table . However, that classic was the break, the starting point of a streak that ended up being a record: the Cyclone added the 33 points that were in dispute thanks to 11 consecutive victories and made the Olympic return on May 10, 2001, 19 years ago .
That San Lorenzo, who had Bernardo Romeo as the championship scorer with 15 goals, was left with two marks that are still in force: was the champion with the most points (47) in the short tournaments and also achieved the longest winning streak in a row, which extended to 13 thanks to the other two victories with which he started in the Apertura 2001 . Undoubtedly, an impeccable machine that managed to assemble Pellegrini, surprising everyone after the initial mistrust that his hiring had caused.
Sebastián Saja; Juan José Serrizuela, Horacio Ameli, Fabricio Coloccini, Aldo Paredes; Eduardo Tuzzio, Pablo Michelini, Walter Erviti, Leandro Romagnoli; Raúl Estévez and Bernardo Romeo were the champion's base formation, who also had other players who were also important in achieving the goal that San Lorenzo had not achieved since 95. In the goal, for example, Gustavo Campagnuolo alternated; Lucas Pusineri and Leo Rodríguez were alternatives in the midfield; and Loco Abreu, up front.
The Olympic return came in the New Gasometer, in the match of the last date against Unión. Romeo, from penal, and Erviti converted the goals of 2-1 that allowed them to celebrate before almost 50 thousand fans who had exhausted the tickets . There was a key help in the previous date: Huracán, yes Huracán, had beaten the River of Américo Gallego 3-2 and there Pellegrini's team was alone at the top . In this way, he came easier to the definition against the Santa Fe and did not fail. He continued his winning streak that no one even managed to match yet.

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