The Russian "boa constrictor" answered the American. Dubov equalized the score in the final with Nakamura

The Russian "boa constrictor" answered the American. Dubov equalized the score in the final with Nakamura 5
NETWORK MAN Playing on the Internet with shortened control is the main “bread” of Nakamura . In such chess, he has vast experience and won many victories. If in the “classic” an American of Japanese descent only once appeared in the world championship contenders, taking a modest seventh place there, and in the FIDE rating (his new version was published on Monday, June 1) is only 18th, then in “ rapid ”(from ten minutes to an hour per game) Nakamura is already the fourth, and in the blitz – the first, even higher by Magnus Carlsen ! It is not surprising that they and the Norwegian were considered the favorites of the current“ Tour ”with its 15 -minute regulation. In the final of the opening tournament, Carlsen Nakamuru beat, but now the result is the opposite: the American had the best round-robin stage, where he did not suffer a single defeat, and then took revenge from the world champion and in the playoffs. The most characteristic match in their semi-finals was match No. 2: the US grandmaster immediately caught Carlsen in a counterattack, after which he clearly made three draws, keeping the advantage gained. This is Nakamura. He plays “in a row”, on the result, and knows how to avoid mistakes in the park due to lack of time. Letting him go ahead, just as Dubov who started the final with 0: 2, on the eve of is categorically contraindicated – then you won’t catch up with it. RISK IS FORBIDDEN However, our chess player, even if he is younger, is also a child computer age. Dubov, like Nakamura, achieved much more in the “rapid” than in the “classic”, but today he has shown that he is able to squeeze the maximum out of positions no worse than his opponent. In the first game, Daniel patiently accumulated small pluses in black in the Sicilian defense, until they turned into material advantages: first one extra pawn, then the second … When the third one was added to them, the American was just right to surrender, rather than delay his agony for a few more moves. It happened: Dubov finally led in the match! Then he took, and played … “Nakamura” – he prudently made three draws in a row. The fact that the Russian grandmaster is extremely careful was especially noticeable in the last, fourth game. There Dubov could repeatedly strike a decisive blow, but each time he refused the extra risk. Sometimes it looked rather strange – to take at least the maneuvers of the white king, who at some point suddenly hobbled to the center, and then, glancing sideways at the opponent’s breakthrough on the queenside, he preferred to return back to his own place. Fortunately, everything ended well. Although, what I'm saying is: it did not end, but continued! Indeed, now Dubov and Nakamura will have the decisive match No. 3 on Wednesday. Let me remind you that in addition to the title and 45 thousand dollars in prize money, his winner will get a ticket to the final stage of the Carlsen Tour following his main organizer. It will be something: a Russian “boa constrictor” against the American one. And I think you already realized that the main thing in this battle is to be the first to come forward. Series of online quick chess tournaments “Magnus Carlsen Tour”
2nd stage
Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge

2nd match Hikaru Nakamura (USA) – Daniil Dubov (Russia) – 1.5: 2, 5 (0: 1, 0.5: 0.5, 0.5: 0.5, 0.5: 0.5)
The first match is 2.5: 1.5. Account in the series: 1-1 The third, decisive match will take place on Wednesday, June 3. The beginning is at 17.00 Moscow time.

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