The RFEF declares the official competitions for women's football and futsal "professionalized"

The Royal Spanish Soccer Federation has declared state-level official professionalized competitions First and Second of women's soccer First and Second of men's indoor soccer and Women's First Soccer Room one more step to advance in the development of these sports disciplines, in addition to officially calling the elections to the General Assembly and the Presidency for this summer.

Until now, these competitions were considered as amateur football, but the RFEF has presented a modification of its statutes, approved by the CSD, which allows this qualification to be established for those competitions that meet material, economic, professional and labor conditions. that they make it advisable.

The qualification of professionalized competition supposes that in the bases of the competition there will be a series of requirements on the professionalism of the footballers and other participants in it, such as technicians. These rules will also set the minimum working conditions that the participants must meet.

It will also regulate aspects such as the budget of the clubs, the possible minimum budget for the staff with a first team employment contract, minimum number of professional licenses, minimum wages to compete, minimum dedication of professional players, etc. …

Measure will entail the creation of three different Professionalized Committees, one for the First and Second Division of Futsal, one for the First and Second Futsal Division, another for the First Futsal for Women. All the clubs that participate in them will be integrated into them and will have autonomy to manage the different aspects of these sports, within the Federation's bodies.

Elections are called for the General Assembly and Presidency

The Board of Directors of the Royal Spanish Football Federation has today agreed to call elections to the General Assembly, to its Delegate Commission and to the Presidency of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Voting to elect the 140 representatives of the General Assembly will take place on Monday, July 20 2020 and the Elections for the Presidency and the Delegate Commission will be held on August 17 or September 17 depending on whether or not August is approved by the Higher Sports Council as a working period for electoral processes. of the Federations.

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