The president of Lyon followed in the footsteps of the ex-head of Chuvashia. He sued the French government

The president of Lyon followed in the footsteps of the ex-head of Chuvashia. He sued the French government 5
800 MILLION Recall that the French were the only among the main football powers in Europe to decide not to play out the 2019/20 season. Because of this, “Lyon”, occupying the seventh line in the table, flew past the European Cups. “It was the state that initiated this decision. And it should be held accountable, ”said Ola, demanding reimbursement of league clubs 1 eight hundred million euros in losses. Shortly before the fateful decision of the French government, the football functionary suggested playing the championship in the playoff format, dividing the participants into two groups, within which the fight would be fought respectively for European competition and survival. At that time, there was still a hope that the restart of the championship would be scheduled for mid-June. However, the Prime Minister of France Eduard Philippe banned all sport in the country until September. “Lyon” reacted instantly – two protests were immediately filed into the league: regarding the very stop of the season and the fact that the results had been summed up for 28 rounds, and not entirely played 27. In the second case, the Lyons would rise two lines and get into the Europa League . THIS CONSPIRACY At the same time, Ola attacked the leaders of Saint-Etienne, Lorient and Rennes, accusing these clubs of conspiracy. “Saint-Etienne” should not fly out, “Lorient” – it is necessary to get into League 1, and “Rennu” – in the Champions League. Great combination. Everyone is happy, ”the president of Lyon boiled. What have the clubs to do with it? And despite the fact that formally the state did not forbid to finish the championship in September or in the summer, but in other countries. Therefore, fixing the results according to the intermediate table is the decision of the league, many participants of which, of course, were interested in such an outcome. And many media outlets, by the way, supported Ola in his position. People in the country are puzzled that only in France football ended so early. “WE ARE REALLY IDIOTS” When the championship resumed in Germany and it became clear that England, Spain and Italy would follow, Ola was furious : “Spain, which is more affected than France by the coronavirus pandemic, has found a solution. And we, what have we done ?! Looks like we're really idiots. UEFA issued a medical protocol, and the document was not even considered in France. ”On May 27, the Senate suddenly became interested in the problem again. A new vote has passed. However, only six French senators supported the resumption of the season in League 1. By a majority of votes, amendments to the previous government decree regarding football were rejected. “WE WILL SIMPLY BE DESTROYED” In addition to financial losses, Ola is worried that Lyon will have to participation in the Champions League playoffs, interrupted after his club’s home victory over Juventus in the 1/8 finals. “Without tournament practice in the summer, they will simply destroy us in Turin. And PSG in the Champions League does not expect anything good, "said the president of the Lyon club. Ol's last chance is to win the process in the Council of State, the highest court in France. Amiens and Toulouse, who flew out of League 1 at the end of the season, promised to support him there. But the head of the league Bernard Chiazzo defiantly eschews the “revolutionary”. “We in no way intend to participate,” he told reporters. – Currently, a plan is being developed to revive professional football in France after a five-month pause. We are acting in conjunction with the state, which is doing everything possible to make the 2020/21 championship complete. ”So, Ola will fight the bureaucratic apparatus, in fact, alone. And, to be honest, his chances of success are about the same as that of Mikhail Ignatiev – to return to the post of head of Chuvashia.

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