The Premier League returns with a special measure: it will allow five changes

The Premier League returns with a special measure: it will allow five changes 5

The English football league is finally preparing for its delayed return to activity. As announced at the end of last May, the next June 17 is the date chosen for one of the most important club level competitions in the world to return to the fields. Of course, players have been doing what it takes to make up for long weeks of inactivity . However, it is concerned that they will reach more than three months when the competition is restarted, since it was suspended on March 13 .
Given this, several physical trainers affirmed that it is possible that the lack of competition affects not only the normal development of the matches, but also the physicist of the soccer players . It is expected that the restart of the Premier will bring about a dispute scheme that compensates the lost time with a multitude of dates played during the week which would mean that in some cases the players must play three matches every seven days after having been without competition for three months.
To this it should be added that it is expected that in the coming weeks the fate of the European competitions ( Champions League and Europa League ) will be decided, although they have not yet Ratified their return dates will also be included in the calendar for the second half of a 2020 that promises to be a very busy for several of the best teams in the world. Given this, the Premier League decided to take a measure to mitigate the impact of the hectic match schedule on the physics of its players.
What had started as a rumor spread rapidly: the league would ask FIFA to make a temporary modification to its regulations that could only apply to the 2020 season. the excess of games and the tightness of the schedules, the proposal of the Premier League is that instead of each team being able to take seven players to the substitute bank that number is increased to nine, and also instead of making three Variants can be made five per side.
   For the remainder of the 2019/20 season, Premier League clubs will now be able to make 5️⃣ substitutes instead of 3️⃣The maximum number of substitute players on the bench has been increased from 7️⃣ to 9️⃣Full statement on these temporary rule changes: https: //— Premier League (@premierleague)
   June 4, 2020
The only condition that was imposed in order to approve this request, made by the football association and recently approved by the club shareholders was that the changes only be made in three times of each time or in halftime in order to avoid adding too many minutes to make up for lost time. Thus, the modification was announced by the Premier League and will become effective in the 92 games that remain on the current season's calendar.

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