The Porto Alegre derby turned butchery (video)

The Porto Alegre derby turned butchery (video) 5

The Porto Alegre derby between Grêmio and the Internacional, Thursday evening in Copa Libertadores, ended in a general fight. Eight players were kicked out.

Each derby has its share of short stories. On the occasion of the 424th "Grenal", considered one of the biggest rivalries in Brazilian football, between Grêmio and the Internacional, Thursday evening as part of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, did not derogate to the rule. Although the match ended in a goalless draw (0-0), it was not without spice.

It must be said that on the approach of the final whistle, a general fight broke out between members of the two camps, forcing the Argentinian referee Fernando Rapallini to take out the first four red cards at the very end of regular time ( 88 and 89e). Two on each side: Pepê and Da Rocha Neves for Grêmio as well as Edenilson and Barbosa for the Internacional.

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A heated argument that unfortunately did not stop there. This intensified after the involvement of the replacements for the two teams. Consequently, four new red cards were distributed by the match official: Miranda and Henrique for the "Tricolor" and Cuesta and Conceiçao Praxedes for "O Clube do Povo" (90 + 5 to 90 + 7) . A real carnage.

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