The players will meet to evaluate two important points: the cut in wages and the 30-team tournament

The players will meet to evaluate two important points: the cut in wages and the 30-team tournament 5

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the economic and sports situation of soccer clubs began to be in focus. And the return to activity is something that several footballers are already evaluating. Without going any further, today journalist Fernando Czyz said that tomorrow Sergio Marchi, president of Argentinian Footballers, "called a meeting of captains. He is leaving to repeat in all categories through a digital platform. Tomorrow will start with the First ". Czyz explained that" the idea is to put several issues on the table "although two stand out. "The first has to do with the budget cut that is already being considered and has already been carried out in some clubs. And the second has to do with the possibility that the evolution of the Argentine tournament in 30 teams will have an impact on the players," he added. In this way, the players seek to have a voice and vote on the changes that could come to Argentine soccer after the coronavirus outbreak. "The players what they are proposing is that if there are not many things to play for and they go to a scenario of two seasons without relegation, many clubs that usually fight to maintain the category, will bet on their youth So they believe that the squads of those teams are going to be reduced to a minimum to try to guarantee that promotion of the youth and see that the source of work for so many players is in danger because there will only be to dispute the title and the classification to the cups "Czyz expanded. To close, the journalist detailed some numbers that are handled in the AFA to help the clubs. The organization "received in the last five days the advancement of the development programs organized by Conmebol and FIFA. There are 74 million pesos that it distributed to all its clubs in all categories. More or less is 1 million weights for each of the Superliga and Primera B Nacional teams ", according to Czyz.

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