The pending talk between Setién and Griezmann



Antoine Griezmann has lost the favor of Quique Setién who kept him untouchable despite the gray performances of the French. Against Atlético de Madrid he added his second consecutive substitution a significant event considering that his entry into Balaídos was one of the chapters that sparked a sour discussion in the Vigo locker room between the coach and the heavyweights . The Cantabrian succumbed to the demands of the veterans and left the French striker (cost 120 million euros) on the bench against his former team. Ansu Fati's entry was a statement of principle and a visible way to make him understand that he is no longer irreplaceable. Stripped of the chevrons with which he arrived, the Frenchman was humiliated by the way he was treated during this last meeting.

Setién kept him warming up throughout the second half to give him entrance when the 90th minute was fulfilled . A change more typical of a strategy to waste time than to demonstrate that you want to fight the three points. And, in addition, in the soccer code it is something that should not be done with a player with hierarchy. Obviously, without time, he barely touched the ball and left very angry. «Without words», Simeone only answered when asked about this episode. The Atlético de Madrid manager understood everything without having to step on a puddle.

Setién knows that he has a pending conversation with Griezmann if he does not want the Frenchman's discomfort to grow and grow like a snowball. . «I see him well, but not everyone can play. You have to decide on one. Maybe it's not logical to get it out in the 90s, but you always think that it can do something . They were doing very well. They were making a very good match. It is not easy ", the coach recognized after the game, although he admitted that" it is true that getting him out with so little is hard for a player of his level but circumstances have forced me to do so. The other option was not to get him out. Those in the field were doing well. Setien's justification continued: “Normally I don't make changes so late if not to waste time. You trust a player like him to have a punctual action that will win the game. I know it is hard. Tomorrow I will talk to him ». However, he also made it very clear that "I will not apologize but I understand that he may feel bad and I also feel bad for him because he is a great soccer player and a great person."

Throughout today there will be the meeting between Griezmann and Setién . The technician will give you his explanations although it is not the only fire that has been open in recent times. The three draws won in the last four games have made him give up the leadership and that Real Madrid not only depends on himself but also can afford a defeat without it having consequences.

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