The party of "the tenth", the tribute to the "master" of Real Madrid

Tomás González-Martín



Emotion, memories of defeats and victories without final colophon, years of hope and resignation. Those were the internal thoughts of each Madrid player that May 25, 2014. Just six years ago, on that date, the Bernabéu hosted the most emotional party ever seen in the history of Real Madrid until that day in the team's 112-year history . Twelve years had passed without a European Cup in the club, since when Zidane and Raúl sentenced the conquered in Glasgow against Leverkusen.

In Lisbon, at ten minutes to eleven of the night minute 93 of the final, Sergio Ramos headed the equalizer goal against Atlético. After an hour of Real Madrid domination, everyone knew that with the equalizer the Whites would win the final, because they already added physical superiority to their technical superiority. Bale, Marcelo and Cristiano later signed on 4-1. The people of Madrid invaded Cibeles a few moments later. It was a unique party.

Ramos' goal marked a before and after. Praised by all, the center-back was eloquent at the Bernabéu, before eighty thousand fans who lived the party of the tenth Champions: "I want to dedicate this cup to all of Madrid, but above all to Pitina, who has given us great strength from above"

All of Madrid collapsed because his heart did not allow the car to pass through the center. The club announced that the team would arrive by plane at dawn and that the players would go to the headquarters of the goddess Cibeles in the afternoon. Cybele, therefore, was invaded twice.

The half a million people present around the goddess and the lions enjoyed the club's tenth European Cup, a trophy long since twelve seasons like never before.

The return flight by plane from Lisbon, after the celebrations at the Benfica stadium, took the players to their homes to change, sleep and go to Cibeles in the afternoon , invading and invaded, and start an hour later the tour of Madrid City Council and Community. Madrid clogged again. And at night the fireworks arrived: the party at the Bernabéu .

Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas, inseparable since raised the tenth, were the more acclaimed by the more than eighty thousand fans who filled the coliseum. The Sevillian was the talisman of a victory that changed history. Casillas, captain defined it perfectly. «You are the master ».

Ancelotti would present shortly after the song of the tenth . But let's talk about the celebrations of that conquest that opened the second great era of Real Madrid, with four Champions, four Club World Cups and three European Super Cups in four years, from 2014 to 2018.

The grass of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the place that best represents the glory and history of Real Madrid, put the finishing touch on platinum to the intense day of celebrations to which the staff and fans were subjected of the white club. Almost twenty-four hours of travel with the tenth crown, achieved in Lisbon against Atlético de Madrid. The end of a path that started months ago, in September, and that ended happily for the entity. The grass performed on stage without the ball. The huge cube made up of four giant screens on their faces on which the final for those attending the Santiago Bernabeu was broadcast on Saturday remained installed on the green. A balcony installed in the upper part of the box would later cover the protagonists, with the continental cup in hand . In the central circle, a reproduction of each of the ten European Cups achieved until then by the white entity embraced the fixed geometric figure .

The public crowded the stands of the Bernabeu from hours before of the start, which started almost sixty minutes late on schedule. The Madrid playing field was the culmination of the team's celebrations. The players left after eight in the afternoon from Valdebebas in a coach that first transported them to the headquarters of the Community of Madrid, in Puerta del Sol, where they were received by thousands of fans. They came out on the balcony with the Cup, acclaimed by the fans. They then went to the Madrid City Council, in Cibeles, where Mayor Ana Botella was waiting and where speeches and cheers were completed.

Then played the big party. With his hobby at his home. The stadium was dark, under the play of light and sound that welcomed the Madrid team while the screens recalled each of the Cups that illuminate the history of the entity. Historical goals chanted by the eighty thousand spectators present in the stands of the stadium to the sound of the music video with the Real Madrid song recorded by the players. A hallway from the locker room to midfield was traveled by each member of the campus. From Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane, assistant to the Italian to each of the players, who left the elegant suits at the ticket office and dressed in their respective shirts.

A tour that gave them led to the inside of the box. One by one. Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas, inseparable since they raised the tenth, were the most acclaimed. The audience indulged in both. Especially to the defense, who knelt on the carpet that marked the path of the lawn to the balcony. In the dome, in the center of the field of play, the tenth European Cup was elevated by the entire squad while the play of lights and fireworks illuminated the sky of Madrid to the rhythm of the classic "We are the Champions" of the Queen group, a classic that reveals every great sporting success.

Ramos's speech was tremendous: «It is a dream for me to have been able to raise this Champions League and that is thanks to all the players and to all of you. Today I want to dedicate this cup to all Madridistas but above all to Pitina ( wife of the president), who from above has given us a lot of strength ». Pitina, the wife of Florentino Pérez, genuine, frank, natural by montera had left us some time before. She would have infinitely enjoyed this Champions League, as she did in 2002 with zizou's great goal.

Ancelotti dared to sing the hymn of the tenth, a song by Red One that excited fans. The players then went down to the pitch and gave the stadium a lap of honor to dedicate the trophy. The crowd bath of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium closed the conquest of the tenth. A race that began in September and whose culmination began in Lisbon. In the epic finale that gave the dreamed title to the white house .

It was the beginning of a great friendship with the Champions. The premiere of a new era of success. Today, six years later, Real Madrid has won four European Cups. That was the first.

A stage that competes with the first five of Gento, Bernabéu and Di Stéfano, the most holy white trinity .

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