The new tests carried out on the Marine

are negative

The new tests to detect the Covid 19 carried out on the expedition of the CD Marino moved to Madrid to play a phase of promotion to Second B, have given negatives, including those of the three players that this Saturday they tested positive .

Sources from the Tenerife club have reported that the Spanish Football Federation has confirmed the results of these tests carried out last night to the 30 people who make up the expedition that the team had transferred to Madrid.

The Spanish Football Federation decided yesterday to suspend the matches that were going to take place this weekend in the Ciudad del Fútbol after detecting positive cases in COVID in the Marino Canario, rival of Linares Deportivo, reported in a statement.

Club sources have indicated that both PCR and molecular tests have been analyzed at the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid, with a negative result.

The club had shown its surprise with the positive detected to three players already in the tests carried out on Thursday before leaving for the trip, the entire squad was negative and all the safety protocols had been followed.

The Tenerife expedition has been isolated since yesterday and during the day it will be determined what will happen with the competition.

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