The new League, football on television with virtual reality

 Rubén Cañizares Rubén CañizaresSEGUIRMadrid
  Updated: 05/25/2020 02:23
 After watching two days of the Bundesliga, the spectator is already fully aware that post-coronavirus soccer is at the opposite end of what, historically, has been an environment. This is still eleven against eleven and scoring one more goal than your rival, but the impact due to the absence of an audience is huge, not only in the stadium but also in the television broadcast. After the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe the major leagues of the Old Continent decided to hold two weekly telematic meetings to add ideas and efforts, and one of the most debated issues in recent weeks was what to do to alleviate the effects of an absolutely empty soccer field. The Bundesliga stayed on Enjoy the best information for free Sign up for ABC in seconds. It's free, easy and fast. Sign up now If you're already registered, Sign in Topics

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