The Netherlands announced the early completion of the season

The Netherlands Championship ahead of schedule completed due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. Rutte also emphasized that this also applies to other sports events . According to him, the ban will last until September 1. The minister’s statement cites Football Oranje. It is noted that the Dutch government did not support the league ’s idea of ​​holding empty stands. We add that the country's Football Union has already confirmed this information, noting that the decision to determine the champion will be made after consultation with UEFA. Alexander Tikhonov: Withdraw from the Board of the RRF? Drive a filthy broom Drachev and his team Four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov spoke about the Board of the Russian Biathlon Union held yesterday. 04/08/2020 17:00 Biathlon Volokhov Yuri Not all hockey. Who is not afraid to go to the arenas after the end of the coronavirus epidemic One of the security measures in the arenas when resuming sporting events is called increasing the distance between the spectators. But is it so effective? 04/20/2020 22:30 Hockey Kuznetsov Dmitry “Ak Bars” retained the backbone. Do you need Zaripov? Evaluating personnel changes in the clubs "Soviet Sport" continues to talk about personnel changes in the KHL clubs. Next in turn is the leader of the Ak Bars Eastern Conference. 04/20/2020 16:00 Hockey Domrachev Vladislav “Polkhovsky was kicked out of three countries, and the RBU is moving him to the head coach” Four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov – on the candidacy of Valery Polkhovskiy for the post of head coach of the Russian national team. 04/10/2020 4:00 p.m. Biathlon Volokhov Yuri Nina Moser: If ISU decides to host the World Championship, then no earlier than December, the Russian figure skating trainer Nina Moser told Soviet Sport how she observes the isolation regime. 12.04.2020 09:00 Figure skating Yuri Volokhov ISU will not bury World Cup 2020, although he has long been dead. Valieva will be at the Games in Beijing On Thursday, the Council of the International Skating Union should discuss the situation with this year’s World Cup, which has officially been postponed, but not canceled. 04/15/2020 5:00 PM Figure skating Tigay Lion "Eternal" Polkhovsky. He coached Drachev with Chepikov in the last century. On Monday, the board of the Russian Biathlon Union approved a new coaching staff for the national team led by Valery Polkhovsky. 04/21/2020 3:00 p.m. Biathlon Tigay Lion Season TShchK-2. Why exactly Kostornaya came out on top? Today we will talk about Alain Kostornaya. 04/17/2020 10:00 PM Figure skating Tigay Lion From New York – straight to Paris. "Roland Garros" will be held after the US Open The organizers announced that the tournament will not take place in late spring. But it will not be canceled! "Roland Garros" for the first time in history will be held at the end of the season – a week after the US Open. 03/17/2020 9:00 PM Tennis Mysin Nikolay The famous poker player of Arshavin is 11 years old. Why is it unique On this day, Andrei Arshavin scored four goals against Liverpool. This historical event is not only for Russia. 04/21/2020 13:30 Football Bezyazychny Alex

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