The NBA returns: 22 teams, shortened regular season, tournament to enter the playoffs and Disney as a particular scenario

The NBA returns: 22 teams, shortened regular season, tournament to enter the playoffs and Disney as a particular scenario 5

The rumors had begun to pick up in March with the call that President Donald Trump made to those responsible for the main sports leagues in the United States to focus their efforts on planning the return to activity . At that time the NBA through its commissioner Adam Silver had been particularly cautious in announcing that would await the directions from public health specialists before advance your proposal. But behind the scenes, had kicked in .
The first sign was the league's salary agreement with the players association (NBPA, according to its English phrases) according to which a percentage of the basketball players' earnings would be retained from 15 May . The idea was that both the teams and their professionals could mitigate the impact of the almost certain cancellation of part of the remaining games of the season. Almost simultaneously, several franchises announced salary reductions for their top executives.
On the other hand, Silver took note of the plans being made by his peers in the NFL (football league) and the MLB (baseball league), which included a variant which went from being a rarity to being considered a logical solution, even recommended by specialists, to the problem of air transfers and the number of personnel involved in the parties: the single venue . The NBA considered two scenarios: Las Vegas and the Walt Disney resort in Orlando, Florida which was ultimately chosen.
From there, the actions in pursuit of the return followed swiftly. Both players and executives supported the variant of the unique venue, but several raised their voices against the possibility that they were not allowed to opt for a place in the playoffs: thus, the NBA decided that instead of going to Orlando with the 16 decided finishers, six more teams ( New Orleans Portland San Antonio Sacramento Phoenix and Washington ) will be able to play an eight game regular season to have their chance.
Each franchise will respect its remaining schedule, skipping games with teams that are not in Florida, and at the end of those eight games there may be a unique circumstance : if the ninth ranked in each conference are less than four games apart from the eighth, they will play against each other a mini-tournament from which will come the last postseason place . From then on the playoffs will be played normally and the NBA finals could end with a seventh game on October 12 .

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