The Mutua Madrid Open finds a gap to play in September



Feliciano López director of the Mutua Madrid Open has explained that he maintains the hope that the appointment of both the ATP and of the WTA in September, an option that has been under consideration for a few weeks, but acknowledged that it still depends on various scenarios, where it could harm the celebration of US Open and would not make sense without Roland Garros .

Feli, who would like to be playing right now playing in Paris against Rafa Nadal and under the roof that was going to be released at the Central, reviewed the current state of the tennis calendar and the options that the 1,000th Madrid Masters still have to play after be canceled by the coronavirus pandemic.

«We announced the cancellation because at that time it was our turn to do. Now there is a small chance of being able to play in September. We do not lose hope. We are doing everything possible, with a stage behind closed doors. The ATP does not oblige to hold tournaments, each one has to assess the situation and see if they can survive behind closed doors, "he said in statements to Teledeporte.

The director of the Caja Mágica tournament explained that he continues to do everything possible to make the tournament play. “We are doing everything we can to make it possible to play in September before Roland Garros if it is to be held. This would be our ideal scenario. Once we present everything to the ATP and the WTA we need their approval, "he said, before explaining various conditions.

«We need Roland Garros to be held because if it is not held there is no point in previous tournaments on clay. And we are a little afraid of holding the US Open. If the US Open is held it could harm us a little because there would be very little time between Roland Garros and the US Open, which is a week later than usual for the Games. It does not help us that the players have time to arrive, adapt to the tournament and then go to Paris, "he said.

The New York event currently maintains its original dates, from August 24 to September 13, while the French Open aims to play from September 20 to October 4. "If there are no more tournaments to accompany these Grand Slams, if they are held or not, if nothing is played against New York it is obviously not ideal," he explained about different options.

"Surely many players would want to play, but then play another 'Grand Slam' followed without having a structured tournament plan afterwards. On June 15 we will know more things, it is the deadline that has been set at the US Open to make a decision. We do not lose hope. A month ago my thinking was different, I couldn't imagine that there could be some tennis. Now I have some hope and hopefully the health situation continues to improve, "he added.

Regarding his career as a player, Feliciano pointed out that the last years have given him results and motivation not to think about retirement, despite an unprecedented situation due to COVID-19. “I have never been so long without playing. These first days have been very hard. We all have plenty of time to be physically prepared. You have to go slowly because there may be a plague of injuries, "he said.

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