The millionaire losses if the League is completely suspended

 Rubén Cañizares Rubén CañizaresSEGUIRMadrid
  Updated: 03/13/2020 01: 58h
 As expected and dictated common sense, the League championship was officially suspended yesterday for at least the next two days waiting to see how the coronavirus crisis evolves, whose effects in all areas, also in sports , they are being devastating: «We must be satisfied because professional football joins the path that the Federation began. People's health prevails over any decision. We appreciate that all Spanish football, at a difficult time for society and sport, is fully aligned with the Federation, "said Rubiales after the three-way meeting held in Las Rozas with the Employers and the AFE. Evaluation at the end of the month Liga, through a statement, argued this postponement due to the quarantine status declared by Real Madrid and the knowledge of positive cases in players from different teams of First and Second : «This decision will be re-evaluated after the end of the quarantines decreed in the affected clubs and other possible situations that could occur, "argued the Employers, very concerned about the health of Spanish football, but also about their accounts, The possibility that the Covid-19 not remit in the next two months and the championship could not be resumed would cause a scenario of economic panic. According to sources from the League told this newspaper, the losses would rise to 678’4 million euros. The clubs of First and Second would stop paying 549 million euros in television rights, 88 million for subscriptions and 41'4 for box office revenues. These would be the direct losses due to the suspension of the League, but there would be more. The Employers clarify to ABC that it has not yet accounted for the monetary damage in terms of sponsorships, nor has it referred to the hotel, restaurant, transport and other services that are part of the day to day of professional football, which they remember in the League that it represents 1'37 of the GDP of this country: «I think it is very important to work in all scenarios, but there is no need to create uncertainty. On March 25 we will make more decisions, "said Rubiales. Suspended friendly The Federation also knows that the Netherlands-Spain is officially suspended, friendly that it was going to be played on Sunday March 29 at the Johan Cruyff Arena and today it will announce that the Spain-Germany on Thursday 26 , which should be played on the Wanda, will also be canceled except for a magic solution that seems unlikely at the moment. These two games, together with the final of the Copa del Rey, are the ones with the greatest depth under the umbrella of the highest body in Spanish football: «We are shuffling to play with the stadium full of both fans. I do not know if today is realistic or not, but leaving out the fans of Real and Athletic would hurt us. The second option would be to play it behind closed doors. The third would be that it would be impossible to contest it. ”All these calendar speculations will depend on the evolution of the coronavirus crisis in Spain and, also, on the decisions made by UEFA regarding its competitions. The Euro Cup is on the horizon, and it only seems feasible that club football can finish its tournaments this season if the continental national team tournament is postponed to 2021. As much as the schedule was tightened, it seems impossible for the European leagues, the Champions and the Europa League end in time and form, and in turn the Eurocup will be played between June 12 and July 10, as scheduled. At the moment, the estate presided over by Ceferin acts as a free verse and yesterday, after filtering that it was going to suspend sine die Champions and Europa League it made an ambiguous statement official in which it did not fault games to be played of the second continental competition, and so it happened with six eighth duels, all except Sevilla-Roma and Inter-Getafe . In addition, he announced that next Tuesday 17 will hold a meeting to take a final position on these two competitions and the Euro Cup. The uncertain future of football in this 2019-2020 season will depend on its measures and alternatives, which is currently in the hands of the coronavirus.

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