The loudest theft of the XX century. After which Tarasov led the team off the ice

The loudest theft of the XX century. After which Tarasov led the team off the ice 5
The last match of the championship turned into a final. Red and white ahead of the army by one point, a draw made Spartak the champion. He won, but how? WHICH BREZHNEV HAD FOR? In the film "Legend No. 17", the time machine moved this historic match three years ahead – in 1972. And in it the USSR national team, preparing for the Super Series 72, met with Spartak, which was trained, according to the scriptwriters, by Vsevolod Bobrov. This is fiction. Bobrov said goodbye to Spartak immediately after the championship in 1967 and headed the football CSKA. Having no success in this field, Gagarin of Russian hockey stood at the helm of the hockey team in front of the 1972 World Cup in Prague. Vsevolod Mikhailovich was no longer connected with Spartak. In 1969, Nikolai Karpov, a great motivator, led the Red-White to victory. When he worked in Gorky, the great goalkeeper Viktor Konovalenko very accurately and succinctly described him to the “come on, come on” method. But it was just such a coach that Spartak needed in the second half of the 60s. The national championship lasted until mid-May. Already behind was the World Cup in Stockholm, where the USSR team retained the title only by the difference in the goals. A whole group of newcomers joined the team – Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov, Lutchenko, Paladiev, Maltsev … The goal was defended by Spartak Singer, who replaced Konovalenko for a year of excommunication from the team. Due to an injury, the captain of the national team Boris Mayorov could not go to Stockholm, the letter “K” was given to Starshinov. CSKA post number one was trusted mainly to Tolstikov, and Tretyak, who had just started his career, wore clubs. The goalkeepers were the Achilles heel of the army. They played in the Luzhniki Sports Palace, which seats 14,000 spectators. There were no tickets for this derby, and they didn’t get to the box office. Two referees judged the decisive match – experienced Karandin from Novosibirsk and young Kirillov from Leningrad. There were no linesmen and red armbands on the sleeves of striped referee's jersey at that time. The presence of the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee, Comrade Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, on hockey is an ordinary thing. Especially at the decisive match. But for whom he was rooting then – still in the fog. With the 1967 championship, Spartak grew by fans, turned into a national team. Brezhnev admired coach Bobrov. Secretary General liked the winners. Then Tretyak became his favorite player. 37 MINUTES SIMPLE … After the first period, Spartak led 2-0. The account in the 14th minute was opened by the forward of the third link Fomenkov with the transfer of Krylov, and in the 18th – the captain of the team Starshinov scored the second goal (Mayorov assisted him). After the break, the army team accelerated the pace, but did not succeed. In the 43rd minute, Vikulov still opened the gates of Singer. The second goal, as they say, was brewing. The Spartacists began feverishly throwing themselves away. “Even Borya Mayorov began to throw the puck, which was completely unusual for him,” Karpov recalled. Before changing the goal, Petrov equalized. Then the rivals changed the goal in the middle of the third period, after the siren. The stopwatch on the scoreboard showed that 1 second remained before the siren. However, Starshinov drove up to the referee's table, discussed something there, and the goal was canceled, explaining that the time was running out on the control stopwatch. Then another version appeared – they say, the siren was drowned in the noise of a crowded room, so no one heard it. But when time is taken by the control stopwatch, they are warned about this in advance. In response, Tarasov ordered the team to go into the locker room and refused to continue the match. Then the great coach will call the incident a scam. The pause dragged on for 37 minutes. The army team returned to the ice only after their coach gave the go-ahead. Defense Minister Grechko asked me to continue the match through my assistant, and I, a military man, could not help but obey, Tarasov explained. The army slaughtered 2 minutes for delaying the game, the Spartak team transferred spirit and even increased the score – Zimin scored the third goal from the transfer of the Majors. 3: 1 – red and white became the champions of the USSR for the third time. – We made our way to the car, like the Lenin icebreaker, a crowd of angry fans parted before us, grabbed our hair, but we walked, – recalled Tatyana Tarasova, daughter of Anatoly Vladimirovich . PETROV'S RIGGER Soon Tarasov was removed the title of Honored Trainer of the USSR. He was very worried, cried. They said that this was Brezhnev’s decision, which was made to wait a long time for the continuation of the match. Knowledgeable people said that the Secretary General did not give such an order. This was the initiative of the head of the Sports Committee of the USSR Sergey Pavlov, who wanted to curry favor with Brezhnev. After all, Pavlov was from the team of Nikita Khrushchev, he was lowered from the Komsomol to the grass-roots. In “Legend No. 17,” the role of Pavlov was played by Valentin Smirnitsky. Tarasova was sharply condemned by the former captain of CSKA and the national team Nikolai Sologubov, who in the last years of his life began to criticize the coach, who gave him a ticket to a great hockey life. – Several years later, on the same trip, Tarasov and I lived in one room, – the judge Yury Karandin recalled. – He did the right thing then, it was impossible in a different way, but I could not count this goal, if they told me that the time was over. The head of the Soviet hockey Andrei Starovoitov, a former CSKA, blocked the oxygen to the second referee Kirillov and the timekeeper. Arkady Chernyshev refused to work with the team without Tarasov. After some time, Anatoly Vladimirovich was returned the title "ZTR", the tandem led the country's main team at two other world championships and the 1972 Olympics in Sapporo. The next season, on September 14, 1969, opened the CSKA derby – Spartak. The score was opened in the first minute by Starshinov, in the first period Mikhailov answered with two goals. And then Petrov got down to business, scoring 5 (!) Goals in a row. Harlamov summed up the line. CSKA took revenge 8: 2. Cruel revenge! The report from the derby, signed by … Sologubov, was published in "Soviet Sport" with the heading "Army and convoy."

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