The least expected praise for Gallardo | River Plate

The least expected praise for Gallardo | River Plate 5

Nadir Ghazal

13:40 hs

No fan of River or of the classic rival will be able to forget the penalty that Emmanuel Gigliotti could not convert into the Monumental thanks to Barovero's great response in South America 2014, or that 2018 play where the forward wore the colors de Independiente and missed an unusual goal below the goal after a great stretch by Armani.

However, those antecedents were not a conditioning for the Puma when praising the great work of Marcelo Gallardo as DT of River, and even put him as one of their references. "Many believe that because he played in Boca I cannot praise a coach who plays well. I am fascinated by the way Gallardo plays, and the verticality and dynamics that his teams have," assured the attacker who currently works in Toluca in dialogue with TNT Sports.

Gigliotti is doing the DT course, and also stated that another of the virtues he sees in El Muñeco is through the management of the groups. "I think the most important thing for a coach is the arrival to the player. When I have spoken with colleagues, such as Jonatan Maidana, about the way Gallardo works, you say: 'I want that, I would like to have that arrival the player '. Many soccer players have spoken wonders of him ", he closed

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