The League would decide the classification, with Rubiales' final endorsement, if the championship cannot end

Tomás González-Martín
  Updated: 03/13/2020 13:39
 Related newsThe Regulation of the Royal Spanish Football Federation is the one who dictates what the final classification of the League would be like if it could not be completed in its entirety. European leagues and competitions are paralyzed. Eleven days are left to play. It is article 188 of the Regulations that covers the possibility of "alteration of competitions and registration periods" and specifies that "in case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances, the Federation may suspend all or part of the competitions, as well as extend or reduce the registration periods in coordination, where appropriate, with the National Professional Soccer League, when it is legally appropriate to do so. ”This article of the regulation indicates that a commission would be created consisting of the Federation's general secretary, his counterpart in the League, and the heads of competition of both organizations and argues the following: «In the case of the national championships of the First and Second Division League, the proposals on the development of the competition, final classification and determination of the winning clubs, correspond to the National Professional Football League, requiring the prior agreement of F Spanish Football Federation to carry them out ». Therefore, it would be the League that would decide the classification of the championship in the event that it could not be played entirely, a decision that would require the federal approval. If there was no consensus, it would be the president of the Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, who would resolve the final classification. The importance of this classification would be to decide especially the teams that would compete in the Champions League and in the Europa League, as well as the three clubs. that descend .

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