The League will return the week of June 8

Emilio V. Escudero
  Updated: 05/23/2020 14:51
  The League will return the second week of June . This was announced by the Prime Minister in his press appearance this afternoon. According to Pedro Sánchez all the institutions involved have given their approval so that the championship can start from June 8, although the final date will be announced by LaLiga in the coming days. "With the endorsement of the Higher Sports Council, the Government has given the green light for LaLiga to be held again from June 8, when phase 3 of the de-escalation will begin in much of Spain," said the president in his appearance. A few words that now leave the choice of the exact day that the championship will begin in the hands of LaLiga. Javier Tebas wanted the start to be on June 12, and that desire will be fulfilled by the president of the employers, provided that he reaches an agreement with the players, more likely to delay that date for a few days. From the words of Pedro Sánchez it is inferred that the government will authorize group training starting Monday to be able to comply with the health protocol that requires at least two weeks with this type of session before being able to resume the league. Professional competitions are back. Since the week of June 8 and thanks to the height of view of all parties involved in the sports field, always under the guidance of @sanidadgob. All the words are superfluous, except one: THANK YOU. # / IOIxobao6W— CSD (@deportegob) May 23, 2020The employer's plan is to raise the curtain with a Seville derby on June 12, and from there play two days a week until the end of the championship. The parties would be divided on all days of the week (Tuesday-Wednesday and Thursday for one day and Friday-Saturday and Sunday for the other) except Monday, which is not yet authorized to host meetings. With this authorization from the President, it is understood that the ACB the other professional league waiting to be resumed, also has the go-ahead for his return from that week. In his case, the basketball clubs have given until July 10 to finish their competition, which would only take two weeks. On the 14th or 21st, the two possible dates for the return of the Endesa League seem. Themes

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