The Latvian referee had to apologize for the indecent gesture to the African football player

The Latvian FIFA referee Andris Treimanis was involved in a scandal and was accused of racism. During a friendly match between two Latvian clubs “Riga” and RFS (0: 2), the referee in the 75th minute removed from the field the Ivorian RFS player Allen Cedric Cuadio for insulting an opponent. Explaining his decision, Treimanis showed the middle finger to the African. The video and still images of the broadcast were circulated by the media and social networks, and the Latvian judge was accused of racism. The scandal subsided after Treimanis published an explanation of his gesture on his Facebook page: “I want Explain what happened to end all conversations. In that episode, a team player showed the middle finger to an opponent. For this, the rules of football need to be removed. The player, seeing a red card in front of him, at first did not understand why he received it. He did not understand the oral explanation either. I had to repeat his gesture so that it was clear to everyone – his partners and coaches – what the red card was shown for, so I showed what he had done. No need to grab one part from the whole, you need to watch the whole episode. It happens that black is made of white and vice versa. ”

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