The last controversy with Mario Balotelli: he went to train and they did not let him in

Mario Balotelli (29) is as talented as he is controversial . His career spanned the best clubs in European football, but he never seemed to be able to settle in any before some incident made him walk away and find a new team. Born in Palermo Italy, and to Ghanaian parents Balotelli officially debuted at 15 years in Lumezzane of C1 of calcium before drawing the attention of Inter . His frequent disciplinary problems and crossings with José Mourinho led him to leave in 2010.
Upon arrival at Manchester City he was reunited with Roberto Mancini DT who made his debut, and it seemed that he could return to show his potential. But after three years in which he stood out more for his expulsions than for his goals, he left the English team in the midst of controversies that reached the courts . He went to Milan (club he is a fan of) and his good performances led Liverpool to trust him as a replacement for Luis Suárez . But upon returning to England the problems returned .
He was considered one of the worst additions in Reds history and after an unsuccessful loan in Milan, Jürgen Klopp definitively ruled it out. The second stage of Balotelli's career began: his pilgrimage through minor clubs . The first stop was the French OGC Nice . There he suffered racist attacks but recovered his level: in 2018 he was summoned to the Azzurra after four years. But when he was not transferred to Olympique Marseille he decided to terminate his contract and go alone.
He played six months in the OM and, after another tumultuous departure he reached Brescia in August 2019 . His hometown club returned to Series A after eight years and Balotelli was his stellar incorporation . But the calm didn't last long for Super Mario: Rondinelle's disappointing performance on his return, which led to the resignation of his coach Eugenio Corini a month before the championship stopped with the team in last place made Balotelli collide with the president Massimo Cellino .
On June 6, Balotelli no returned to practice after restrictions on the pandemic were lifted, and Brescia announced that they were terminating their contract . But today, to everyone's surprise, Mario appeared in training . He claimed gastroenteritis, and said he had sent an e-mail announcing that he would appear. But at the gate of the property, they refused the entrance . Health insurance did not cover it, they said. "Now that they say I don't want to train," he grumbled as he left. One more. The last?

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