The keys to the return of the League

Tomás González-Martín
  Updated: 05/24/2020 02:30
 Related newsThe match between Éibar and Real Sociedad, on March 10, behind closed doors, brought the curtain on Spanish football. That absence of the public in Ipurúa foreshadowed the complete closure of the League. I don't know until when. There were nine minutes to ten that Tuesday night. The competition has been imprisoned for three months. Yesterday, Pedro Sánchez announced that the leagues can be played starting Monday, June 8. The ball turns on the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the starting point to resume the competition. The declaration of the President of the Government grants free access so that the teams can train together and normally as of tomorrow, since the protocol of the return of football requires two weeks of group sessions before raising the curtain with day 28 of our League. The fourteen days required are precisely on June 8. But that will not be the day of the first game. On June 8 the required protocol ends, which means that the teams will be able to train with twenty-two players starting tomorrow. The protocol contemplates two weeks of work with full normality to allow competition. That period will be fulfilled on June 8. The first games of matchday 28 of the Spanish League could be played that night. The initial project is to start on Friday, June 12 with the Sevilla-Betis derby. The idea of ​​the League, expressed by its president throughout this fight to re-light the stadiums, is to return "on June 12," Friday. The project is to celebrate that second season premiere with a great match, Sevilla-Betis, which will be promoted internationally on television to announce that the League is back and hook the audience with a fratricidal and hot duel . The Seville derbies are only surpassed in audience in Spain by Real Madrid and Barcelona. The forty-two clubs breathe. They are the ones who pay and those who could not continue paying wages without collecting anything, with the blinds down. ERTE applied by most professional teams criticized by many fronts, reduce expenses for a few months, but nothing more. Thebes: "It is the fruit of everyone's work" Javier Tebas was eloquent: " We are very happy with the decision, it is the result of the great work of clubs, players, technicians, the CSD and the agents involved. But it is very important to follow the sanitary norms and that the evolution of the pandemic respects us, we cannot lower our guard ”. The employers added: "We celebrate and rejoice at the final decision made, in important coordination with the Higher Sports Council, the Ministry of Health and other agents." The hours, from 6.30 to 11 pm The League studies playing the eleven days for 38 consecutive days, two days per week. There will be dates with two meetings and others with three. As the heat will send, the project presents a time range from 6.30 pm to 11 pm. When there are three games in one day, the times analyzed are: 6.30 or 7 pm, 8:45 pm or 9 pm and 10:30 pm, 10:45 pm or 11 pm hours, depending on where it is played. Seville is very different from Bilbao or Granada than San Sebastián.It has been ninety days of very hard negotiations, with initial misunderstandings by a sector of the Government, who spoke of football as if it were a caste. What this professional sector asked for was simply consistency, to be able to train on the soccer field when there are options for it. It has been months tinged with clashes between Thebes and Rubiales that did not help. Until Irene Lozano confined the two in the Viana Palace for eight hours and got a gentlemen's agreement to end the bad image they gave of national football and sign optimal agreements for the parties, that entente was good for the League. Although, as Ángel Torres, president of Getafe said, the employers had to put money, as always, to reach it. Thebes promised to contribute to the Federation an extraordinary 30 million euros, in addition to the money that is already granted to it annually. The heading meant that the CSD would hold regular talks with the management of the ball for the return of the competition. And the Federation would not put sticks on the wheels. It would help a return that was essential business-wise to avoid more serious economic holes. In this sense, Luis Rubiales admitted that the eleven days that remain in the championship are also played on Mondays due to the need for the calendar. Finally, he will train an eleven. From tomorrow they will be able to play eleven against eleven, pressure sessions with an entire team, withdrawal movements and defense. The footballers did not understand that they had to train five against five, when the proximity with the teammate was greater for doing it in a reduced area than if they played a normal match. The calendar, in the coming days. Having achieved the final step to start playing, the League begins to schedule with Roures and other operators the 110 games spread over 38 days. This week we could know the first dates and times Now we will see if the templates pass a new medical test next week when the final phase begins before the competition. It is certain that the templates will be tested before and after each match. There will be a concentration prior to matchday 28, which the players want to make it a minimum, four or five days. With the green light out of the black tunnel, Thebes will organize the championship in detail in the next few hours, with the matches of each date. Two days per week will be played. There will be 38 days of football without a break and each club will play with a minimum of 72 hours interval. Some footballers and several teams, especially modest ones, wanted to start the League later and get more training time. They were private interests. The general interest of the clubs is to play as soon as before, now that the situation improves, and to be able to start the next campaign at the end of September. They look at the long term .

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