The keys to the difficult renewal of Sergio Ramos with Real Madrid Football News

The white club offers him one more year and less salary. The player knows that it will be difficult to improve or maintain his salary and he wants two courses

 Sergio Ramos, during a training session for the national team

Sergio Ramos, during a training session for the national team.

There are 44 days left for, legally, Sergio Ramos can negotiate with another club and leave Real Madrid, where he has lived since the summer of 2005, when the white club paid the 27 million euros of its clause. It is not that it is the deadline that both parties have to negotiate a renewal – they could reach an agreement tomorrow or in the month of April – but it will have a psychological impact if the most famous renewal in Spain is not signed before -with permission. of some of Messi -. As of today, the

substantial difference between both parties is in the duration of the contract to be signed.
Because fate has wanted the negotiation for the contract that Sergio's history with Madrid should close to coincide with the greatest football crisis since World War II. The pandemic has the clubs shivering, still not knowing the size of the crankcase in their accounts and, what is worse, without a glimpse of when they will be able to compete with the public in their stadiums and the millionaire income that this implies. The optimism of the vaccines does not yet allow us to set a date for the return.
At such a juncture, the white shield and its captain eventually find themselves running against each other and their interests far apart, although both parties agree on something important: their desire to stay together. However, the form and length of this new contract are the elements of discussion, as confirmed by sources from both parties to this newspaper.

One year plus another optional

Real Madrid offers him one more season, until 2022, when he will be 36 years old, with a downwardly adjusted salary (now he earns around 12 million net). A deal with clauses and incentives that will then make it easier to extend the contract until 2023. A formula that could be set to 1 + 1. Despite being who he is, the club does not want to change its renewal rule for players Ramos' age, always year by year. He does not doubt

Florentino Prez

of the sporting and sentimental importance of the player for the entity nor of his good physical care, in addition to his performance in recent times, but the economic scenario makes him be extremely careful with each operation in the face of Covid-19 fog.
On the other side of the table, Sergio Ramos is willing to show solidarity with the club's financial situation. He thinks that his collaboration for the first drop in pay for the entire staff, acting as captain and transmission vehicle, and the fact that he will have to repeat movement in the coming weeks deserve recognition, regardless of performance, of course, sustained over time, during these 15 years. For this reason, he assumes that it will be difficult to improve, even to maintain the 12 million that he charges today, but precisely because of that, and because he is the current captain and insignia of Madrid, the Andalusian believes that the club should make an exception in this policy of renewing year-to-year to players over 30.

Revenues, from 900 to 600 million

Madrid's expected income, they estimate at the club, will fall from 900 million to 600 million this season, with all that that implies. There is no box office, there are no VIP boxes, there are no events in Chamartn and several sponsors are stopping paying. The tough situation will force the staff to request a new drop in salary, perhaps higher than the 10% agreed in the previous campaign, and here Ramos enters again as captain. They understand in the club that asking the dressing room for a cut and, at the same time, increasing the salary of one of its members is not reasonable. From the part of Ramos they insist on assuming that he will probably not be able to improve the salary, but that is where the duration comes into play. He has had bad luck, they regret from the white high command to define the moment where the player should finalize his last contract. From Madrid they assure that the continuity of the defender is a primary objective and that they will not enter a war of bullish prices for him. As it happened with


if he appears with an interesting offer for him and that they cannot match at the Bernabu, there will be little else to talk about. The player is willing to give up part of his claims, but with a limit. Before his last contract, if a great offer came, he would think about it.
Florentino assumes the impact on the fans of such an outing, and precisely that makes him consider going out to explain his position publicly before getting down to work to try to reach an agreement – right now difficult -. Sources close to the player emphasize: if there is a pact, come face to face between Florentino and Sergio. As the issue is gaining temperature, Ramos, according to the Federation, who did not want noise outside the game against Germany either, suspended the press conference he was going to give yesterday in Seville.

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