The incredible solution that Asprilla gave Crespo to score goals | River Plate

The incredible solution that Asprilla gave Crespo to score goals | River Plate 5

Federico Del Rio

15:38 pm

Faustino Asprilla was the gateway to Italian football for Hernán Crespo. When the Colombian moved from Parma to Newcastle in mid-1996, the River forward was his replacement at the Italian club . There was something else that linked them: Gustavo Mascardi was the representative of both. And the three characters were the protagonists of a hilarious anecdote that Tino told in a talk with Carlos Valderrama, in an interview program called Un awhile with the Kid.

"In the first months, people bitched him, they couldn't even stop him. 'Who is that trunk?', They said. And Crespo was scared, desperate. Mascardi called me: 'What do we do with Crespo? Can you go to Parma to talk to him? '"Asprilla's story started, already with a big smile, knowing what the end would be. "When I had a few days off I took a plane and went out with Crespo to eat at a restaurant and I asked him: ' What's wrong with you?'. He told me that nobody was passing him, that Chiesa 'arrives in the area and the asshole kicks the bow '"he continued before entering the outcome of the anecdote. "I asked him who he lived with in Parma and he told me that with his parents. 'And the girlfriend?', I said to him. 'He's in Argentina, but fuck off, I want to score goals.' But How long have you not hit the stuffed toy? asked him, and he said to me, 'What does that have to do with it? I don't know … Six months ago, what do I know …' So I thought: ' This is a mental problem. '"

After that meeting in a restaurant, Asprilla looked for the solution that he thought would be the key for Crespo to start transforming into the scorer he had proven to be in Argentina. "I had some Colombian friends, so I called Natalia and I introduced her to Crespo. They started to go out and hit the stuffed animal, and she did not stop scoring goals. Problem solved, friend! It was blocked … ", it was the auction of the story that Tino told without being able to contain the laughter, like the Pibe Valderrama.


The forward formed in Núñez played until mid-2000 in Parma, where he left great memories and was a three-time champion: Italy Cup, Italian Super Cup and UEFA Cup, all in season 88/89, in which he coincidentally had Asprilla, who he had returned from England, as an attack partner. His scoring vintage was such that he is the club's highest historical scorer in which he had a second step in 2010-2011.

  The incredible solution that Asprilla gave Crespo to score goals | River Plate 6
   The Parma of 98, where Crespo and Asprilla played together. Sensini and Verón were also there.

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