"The important thing is that they have asked for forgiveness"

  Updated: 05/25/2020 14:05
 Related news Ramón Rodríguez «Monchi», sports director of Seville considers the controversy generated by four players from the Sevilla squad, who broke the health protocol of LaLiga when celebrating a family lunch, to be a "settled issue", considering that "the important thing is that they have lost forgiveness." Argentines Éver Banega, Lucas Ocampos and Franco Vázquez, as well as the Dutchman Luuk De Jong, shared this Sunday on social media a photograph of a barbecue with their partners and other guests, what that contravenes the sanitary norms dictated for the return to the activity of professional soccer. « We all made mistakes and I am left with the capacity to ask for forgiveness something good in these times», Monchi said in statements offered to SFC Radio. The technician from Cádiz stressed that “it is not easy to ask for rdón "for the" mistake made "and believes that" Sevilla, possibly, has not scored the 10 in protocol, but a nine and a half ", as their players have" been a model team in this regard "despite the commission of an "unconscious error". On the other hand, Monchi said that "the progression" of the squad after the return to training "is to be satisfied", because now "the volume of work is maximum" after having "been less more and the predisposition of the group means that much progress has been made in the early stages. "The Sevilla squad has worked today in groups of fourteen footballers and Monchi considers " collective training sessions to be essential "as there were no" friendlies to prepare for the competition ", so that it harbors" good feelings "for the purpose of" defending third place and then facing the Europa League in the best possible way. "" We have fought and pushed for football to return. The public is missing, but health makes it necessary to return like this although it is not ideal. The return is a triumph for all. The League has bet heavily, it is an important achievement and it is a first step to return to normality, "concluded the sports director of Seville. Themes

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