The hesitation of Kyrgios that splashes Nadal again



In the sports career of Rafa Nadal his feats on the tracks, his many titles will be inscribed , his great duels with the Federer or Djokovic … but also the name of a rival, with whom although it has not been measured on a number of notable occasions or maintained epic duels, it is related to his regret from time to time. when.

This is the controversial Nick Kyrgios who seems hell-bent on naming the tennis player constantly, approaching the issue to a true obsession. The last time the Australian lied to Nadal it happened in the last hours, during a live chat on Instagram with his country's humorist Elliot Loney.

In a relaxed atmosphere Kyrgios acknowledged that more than once he jumped onto a track without having rested after a night of revelry and, of course, he gave an example of a match against Rafa Nadal.

The Australian recalled a crash with the Spanish in which, despite being hungover, he ended up winning : «I knew that I had to serve well and play very aggressively if I wanted to have a chance. I couldn't even move, I still had a hangover … ». From the memories of the protagonist, the clash could have been one of the quarterfinals of the Cincinnatti Masters 1000.

«You, me and some of our friends hit him hard. You hit him hard. Then I remember being in the hotel room, I had a full hangover. I turned on the television and there you were facing Nadal on the hard court, I couldn't believe it », remembered the humorist, who shared that spree with the tennis player.

«I just went out and said:‘ Look, I'm going to play big. I really can't move, I know I can barely move because I still have a hangover . So I'm going to have to serve in a big way and play aggressively. ’ And the stars aligned that night, that simple, really ", Kyrgios recalled.

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