The height of Sunderland's misfortunes: the coronavirus forces him to play one more year in League One hell

 Sunderland Stadium.

Sunderland Stadium.

'Sunderland' Till I Die ' is one of the Most watched sports documentaries on Netflix . The spectators have already learned the adventures, the peculiarities and the excessive bad luck of the English club, but as in everything, it is never enough.

The team from the north of England, winner of six leagues (the last in 1936) and finalist in the League Cup six years ago, where he fell to Manchester City, dropped to the Championship in 2017 after hanging around the descent for several seasons.

The management endeavored to build a squad that would return the club, one of the most important in the Premier, to its natural place, but a series of misfortunes and poor results resulted in the second consecutive decline, which that forced Sunderland to start 2018-2019, for the first time in its history, in League One the third division of English football.

He managed to play in the promotion playoff in his first year and even reached the final, but fell to Charlton Athletic in injury time and lost the Cup of the Football League against Portsmouth on penalties.

This year, with all the options, money and motivation to return the club to the Championship, Sunderland was convinced that it would achieve its goal.

They were wrong.

After adding four consecutive victories in the month of February that placed him in Playoff positions, the team was unable to win any of the following four falling in two and tying another two.

It so happens that his last game against Bristol Rovers which ended 2-0 against, was one of four games that were brought forward to Tuesday, May 10. In losing that match, Sunderland, who was 7 who was tied on points with 7 and 9 and who had only one point to three teams with 60 points he could not momentarily position himself in the Playoff. With a victory they would have tied with the second classified, in positions of direct promotion . "Next week will be," they thought.

And came the coronavirus .

League One stopped, like all leagues in the world, and in Sunderland they waited with impatience the return of the competition to try to return to the Championship. The decision has been prolonged until this week, those responsible for the league have agreed to the end of the championship . To determine which teams play the Playoff, a percentage of points per match will be made. And since Sunderland had more games played than the others and had lost the last one, it has not managed to qualify for the Playoff and play one more year the third division of English football.

Curiously, the managers of 'Sunderland' Till I Die ' rejected the completion of a third season because the club had dropped to the third division and they were not going to have so many stories to tell … They were also wrong.

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