The heartrending letter of Cafu on the anniversary of the death of his son

S. D.
Updated: 06/08/2020 01:45
Cafú considered one of the best right-backs in history, claimed in his best days by Real Madrid, celebrated his 50th anniversary this weekend, but he did so with bitter feeling remembering the death of his son in September last year when they played a pachanga with some friends. Coinciding with his birthday, the successful Brazilian international has shared a letter in which he ventures and is sincere about what hard it is to lose a child «There are days in this life that we never forget. On September 4, 2019, God took my son, who was only 30 years old . Some things in the world are inexplicable, they have no reason to exist. And I lost my son in my arms. I tried to save him and help him, but he left. It was and is an empty feeling, a terrible feeling. When you can't even save your own child, you feel very weak . But God took him away and I'm sure he feels good where he is. Surely you are laughing from above the things we do on earth. I pray that no parent experiences this that breaks your heart », he wrote bitterly.

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