The Grondona family's claim for the series El Presidente

The Grondona family's claim for the series El Presidente 5

Before the premiere on 05.06.2020 of the Series "The President", Liliana Nélida Grondona and Julio Ricardo Grondona, children of Julio Humberto Grondona, we express our pain and repudiation with the use of the name, characterization and data of the private life of our father, as well as with the false imputation of acts that affect his dignity, good name and honor. The satirization to which the film appeals, which puts him as the main maker of a corruption scheme, covers up a disgusting act of cowardice, taking advantage of the fact of his death to deny him his possibility of defense. Now, it is much easier to attack his figure, misrepresenting the reality of the facts. Don Julio, as he was known, was a maker, but of local, South American and world football. Without their participation, the weight of Argentina and South America, as a whole, in this sport, would never have had the relevance it acquired. For the rest, he actively and decisively participated in the insertion and development of soccer worldwide, in a way that had never been thought before. It contributed to the football feeling, especially regarding the national team, entering all the houses; fostered the development of small clubs that even in dreams had not visualized their participation at a first level; He collaborated with unknown players, from the interior, to reach the category of world idols. He was undisputed by his peers and respected by Popes, Rulers and personalities from all areas, both national and international. He had criticism, detractors and stories were told, which he always faced and clarified, face to face, defending his dignity without ever avoiding the debate. He was never involved in a court case for a crime that cast doubt on his honesty. So when overlapped under a camera, protected by an abusive and denatured freedom of expression and moved exclusively by an exclusively economic desire, they try to dirty their memory, they don't talk about Don Julio, they talk about themselves. He was a tireless worker, from his small hardware store to the end of his days. He was an exemplary father, always attentive to his children and grandchildren; one of those “before”, difficult to find in these times. Eternally in love with Nélida, his wife, companion and fundamental pillar of all his life. A dear friend, from whom everything was received when something was needed. He left this life working, standing, in what was his work and passion: Soccer. Thousands mourned him and thousands remember him. It is present in every stadium and in every neighborhood court, such as its Club Arsenal de Sarandí, emblem of social and sports improvement. His memory and career are not littered by a film that consciously "misinforms" to obtain a meager economic return, which appeals to the baseness of lying a story; by people who only seek personal benefits without caring about other people; that they do not know history, and even less they have elements to justify their false sayings, sustained only by the impunity that irresponsibility grants them; Nor by foreign companies to which nothing matters the Argentine sentiment, but who always find traitors to dirty our identity. Don Julio died clean and has his place in history.
Finally, we clarify that we are not represented by any media lawyer, nor do we intend that the case, so dear to our feelings, have a television definition. We protect pain for our privacy; the offenses for our spiritual peace and the defense of our rights for Justice, which is the area where these issues must be resolved.
As you said, dad: "Everything happens." Fleeting, malicious fame lasts for seconds. History, more eternal, belongs to us. And no one can take it away from us.
Grondona family
Liliana Nélida Grondona, daughter of Julio Humberto Grondona.
Julio Ricardo Grondona, son of Julio Humberto Grondona.

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