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02:20 PM

River and solidarity always walked hand in hand and even more so in difficult times. That is why on the occasion of the club's 119th birthday and taking into account the harsh historical context that the planet is going through, the Fan Subcommittee devised for this May 25 an impressive solidarity lunch in various parts of the country and the world.

With the help of a large flow of club branches and groupings, thousands of viands were distributed to the people who needed it most. Of course, everything was done with the corresponding health precautions due to the coronavirus pandemic that haunts the world, respecting both the use of chinstraps and social distancing.

More than 90 strategic points in poor neighborhoods to deliver food were chosen to carry out this spectacular move reaching 20 provinces in the country and also in other places abroad with the help of the subsidiaries of Other countries in the world, such as Andorra, Cochabamba (Bolivia), Miami (USA), Quito (Ecuador) and Malaga (Spain).

From very early this Monday the process of preparing the meals began, and around noon people from all over the world came to receive their lunch to be able to spend this national day in the best possible way. River is family, and the solidarity movements of the people of the club have always gone beyond the colors so it is not surprising that once again the River Plate spirit has become present this particular May 25th.

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