The former president of ProLiga and Atlético Pinto was arrested for his alleged involvement in a robbery from the club Football News

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The Civil Guard detained the former president of Atlético Pinto and founding partner of ProLiga Óscar Garvín, for its alleged connection to the theft that took place at the club's offices last September, at a time when the entity is in dispute with the Pinteño City Council for the attempted eviction of the 'Amelia del Castillo' municipal stadium.

As confirmed by the Civil Guard Command to Europa Press, the arrest occurred on October 13 when the intellectual authorship was attributed to the former president, who allegedly would have commissioned the robbery, which was recorded by the security cameras of the sports facilities.

Garvín is free with charges and, according to the Armed Institute, he is charged with a crime of "robbery with force." In addition, the Civil Guard has confirmed that a club utility worker and Garvín's partner, who are also implicated, are also being investigated – according to the newspaper El Mundo.

In the recording of the robbery – which was committed last September – two people are seen, one of them with his face uncovered, loitering around the facilities at night and allegedly stealing material and documentation after disconnecting the alarm.

Locks without force

The theft always raised suspicions because the locks were not forced and because of the familiarity with which the two alleged thieves moved through these facilities, according to the images recorded by the cameras.

At that time, Atlético Pinto reported that a safe, a laptop and various documentation had disappeared. Óscar Garvín left the presidency of the Pinteño club, which is active in Tercera División, last July after eleven years in office.

Meanwhile, in the last hours, it has been known that the club has decided to dismiss the Board of Directors due to "poor economic and sports management carried out," according to the entity's statement in a statement. The club hopes "to be able to overcome this temporary situation soon".

The Pinteño team remains immersed in a dispute with the City Council for the use of the municipal stadium 'Amelia del Castillo', which the local Administration wants to be able to be used under equal conditions by other entities.

Given this, the municipal officials decided a few months ago to change the lock of the facilities, which led to a complaint for alleged administrative misconduct against two government councilors that a court has filed.

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