The former Boca who goes to oral trial for drug trafficking

The former Boca who goes to oral trial for drug trafficking 5

Mauricio Serna a historical Colombian player who was a multi-champion in Boca, was sent to oral trial with the widow and son of Pablo Escobar, in a case in which they are investigated for money laundering of assets arising of drug trafficking.
The former soccer player was directly targeted by Piedrahita Ceballos, who was linked to the drug lord and declared as repentant from the United States. In his statements, the repentant accuses Chicho and Escobar's relatives of having laundered money through real estate investments . Ceballos claims that Serna would have given him a property and two lots at a laughable and fictitious price.
The Public Prosecutor's Office imputes Piedrahita Ceballos, the Argentine lawyer Mateo Corvo Dolcet, María de los Ángeles Verta, María Gabriela Sánchez and Pedro Antonio Ruiz for having integrated " an international criminal association that operated in Argentine territory ".
That organization, according to judicial sources, was dedicated to "putting into circulation in the local financial system goods derived from illicit drug trafficking maneuvers committed by the Colombian citizen Piedrahita Ceballos outside the country, specifically in the Republic of Colombia and the United States, in order to give them a lawful appearance. "
In summary, Serna is accused of "having given Piedrahita Ceballos, at a derisory and fictitious price, the possessory rights of a property located in the area called El Campito and two lots of Barrio Terravista SA", which he had under his property, but that they really belonged to the former head of the Envigado Office, Carlos María Aguilar, another person linked to drug trafficking. What will happen?

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