The forceful phrase about the future of Pratto | River Plate

The forceful phrase about the future of Pratto | River Plate 5

Federico Del Rio

14:44 hs

The chance that Lucas Pratto stops wearing the River shirt is becoming more and more a very close possibility. At least if you take into account the latest statements made by his representative, Gustavo Goñi, who on several occasions in recent days referred to that chance. He had already spoken about the Bear's annoyance at not playing and had opened the door for a change of club. But this time he did not walk around and left a reflection that does not admit double readings.

"He is going to fall under his own weight that he is going to have to leave. Because he is a player with a high contract and if he is going to continue having the few minutes he had in this last year, it is an equation that does not serve him Neither to River. I suppose that the club would understand it and would try to generate some situation "commented the forward's agent who already had proposals to emigrate in the last pass market. Although he clarified that the intention is not to force the exit but that "Lucas will analyze the possibilities depending on what comes out and whenever it is convenient for River".

The path of Pratto in River had edges of the most varied. He arrived in the midst of much controversy as was the most expensive purchase in the history of the club and a start with few goals scored meant that the millions invested by him were highlighted all the time. Later he found his place in the team and the end of his first year elevated him to heaven: he was decisive in the two final games of the Libertadores against Boca . Later it was also key to win another cup, the last Recopa, with the same. But from that day on he did not convert goals again. Next May 30 will celebrate a year of drought.


In the middle, an injury that had him a long time away and which cost him to be the same as before. Added to that, there was also the image of the ball he lost in the final against Flamengo, from where the draw of the Brazilian team was born . "In the previous semester he understood that it was not in full swing, but in the current semester he did not have many opportunities," said his representative regarding Pratto's lack of continuity. An idea that surely transmits the player himself. Therefore, the chance to find another club where he can play more often if he does not succeed in the River de Gallardo.

 "In the previous semester he understood that he was not in fullness, but in the current semester he did not have many opportunities," assured his representative.

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