The first symptoms of Stephanie Rea

The first symptoms of Stephanie Rea 5

After testing positive for a coronavirus control, Stephanie Rea hiker archer, explained how the symptoms she felt were before performing the corresponding test. In addition, revealed that it could have been infected in Barrio 31 his place of residence.
"I am also a kindergarten teacher. I did the test last Monday after feeling a headache and back pain and an itchy throat. There are many cases in the neighborhood, nothing is certain anymore ," said the archer , who is currently isolated in a hotel, following the indicated protocol.
Along the same lines, she told more details about the symptoms and the isolation: " The pain was abundant, they were like stitches. Now I am locked up, I am not seeing anyone . I have to be like 15 days here and I They call me on the phone to pass the medication or to see if I need anything. This eats your head a little, but you have to be positive and strong to try to get out. I am alone with my partner because my son tested negative and I don't know could stay. "
" I live in a place where there are eight more families. We all entered through the same gate, but then there are different houses . Some took care of themselves when the virus entered and others, no. I don't know if I I caught it from the gate of my house or from my neighbor's kiosk. Everything is shared there. I did the day's shopping, I didn't go to the supermarket. And that thing that I carried the alcohol in my pocket and put it all the time … " , added in dialogue with TyC Sports.
Finally, Rea told how the dialogue with the club was: "From the club they called me and asked me how I was doing. Luckily they made themselves available. Soccer is strange, it is something that I carry inside and I feel that I lack . But hey, you have to take steps to be able to continue. I was not trained, only video calls were being made, "he closed.

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