The final of Madrid, live on Facebook | River Plate

The final of Madrid, live on Facebook | River Plate 5

Martín Feijóo

16:35 hs

In times of quarantine, any proposal is welcome to fight against confinement. And this idea is one of the best plans that can be presented to any fan of River because this afternoon, from 18:00, the rematch of the final of the Copa Libertadores 2018 that River and Boca played at the stadium can be seen again Santiago Bernabéu de Madrid. For a while, this June 6, while we celebrate the 6 years of Gallardo leading the Millionaire, moving to the historic and unforgettable December 9 to enjoy again with the goals of Pratto, Quintero and Pity Martínez.

The game can be watched for free through Facebook Watch, and you can enjoy those 120 minutes that meant eternal glory for the River by Marcelo Gallardo. The story of the game will be that of Mariano Closs so that he can relive the "and the third one goes" and shout them all together, but each from his home, of course.

It is true that you already know what the end of this story is. We don't need to tell you. But who does not get excited again to relive this game?

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