The figures of LaLiga to the RFEF according to 'El Partidazo' by COPE and Radio MARCA

The figures of LaLiga to the RFEF according to 'El Partidazo' by COPE and Radio MARCA 5

Manolo Lama, in 'El Partidazo' de COPE and Radio MARCA have revealed the figures that LaLiga will pay to the RFEF this season and next. These are the amounts broken down.

Listen to it in 'El Partidazo'

LaLiga contributes to the RFEF through two agreements : coordination signed last summer between both entities as an extension of those already existing previously and the modification of the Royal Decree of Centralized Sale that occurred in the Viana Pact

Via coordination agreement LaLiga already pays this season and will do the following in the next four :

– 1,334,624.43 to meet the expenses caused by professional clubs in the federal activity.

– 8,731,595 , 74 that the RFEF, as established in the agreement itself, will allocate "to grassroots football, and preferably also, through the Federations of the Autonomous Scope and their affiliated clubs."

– Then there is the departure of LaLiga directly aimed at helping Second B clubs that pa They participate in the Copa del Rey which amounts to 4,950,684.64.

– In addition, the League contributes 379,845.69 for collaboration data.

In addition, Lama revealed that by the Pact of Viana the RFEF will receive 16.6 million from 1% of the centralized sale of audiovisual rights. Next season the quantities will practically double.

This increase is explained precisely in the Pact of Viana by which :

– LaLiga starts to contribute 1% more than 1% that it was already receiving for the centralized sale of audiovisual rights. What was 16.6 million so far, will become 33.6 from the 2020-2021 season as a result of the increase of 17 million corresponding to that added 1%.

– But also next season is also planned about six million more derived from the commercialization of the Copa del Rey. What was 2.2 so far will become 8.8 million. This represents an increase of 6.6 million euros.

– To this amount we add the two million that the league also gives to the RFEF for women's football.

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