The fight of Bikendi Aizpiolea, the 13-year-old athlete who needs a transplant



The club Super Amara Bidasoa Atletiko Taldea of Irun (Gipuzkoa) has launched a campaign to find a marrow donor for Bikendi Aizpiolea a young 13-year-old athlete from Barcelona suffering from leukemia. The minor, who has been admitted to the Donostia Hospital in San Sebastián since last February, needs to find a donor with a higher compatibility than they have achieved to date.

The BAT has explained that on February 9 Bikendi competed in several tests in which "he ends up doing the 1,000 meters where he finishes first" . Back home, "there are lumps in his neck" and on Monday he went to the pediatrician, who immediately referred him to the Donostia Hospital where he was admitted with a diagnosis of T-type leukemia .

The young man has had "months of very hard struggle" and, according to his club, is "a suffering that no one should have, but still less a 13-year-old boy who was completely healthy and enjoying the life normally ".

For a few weeks the" battle "has focused on" the marrow being free to be able to do the transplant he needs " and the doctors are combining" several very hard days of treatments with some rest day. " "Right now the highest compatibility they have found in a donor is 50% and a higher percentage is necessary."

For all this, since the Super Amara Bidasoa Atletiko Taldea have called for people who may be bone marrow donors – healthy people between the ages of 18 and 40 – to be encouraged to do so. In this sense, they refer to the Osakidetza form in order to become a donor.

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