The federation ends the season in non-professional basketball



At its telematic meeting today, the Delegate Commission of the Spanish Basketball Federation has proceeded to adapt for the current season, due to force majeure and Due to the requirements imposed as a consequence of the COVID-19 and the necessary protection of the health of athletes the rules of the general framework for the organization of LEB League competitions Gold, the LEB Silver League and the Women's League 2, both of the General Regulations and of Competitions, as well as the Bases of Competition.

In this modification, the Delegate Commission determines the impossibility of holding the Phases of Promotion in LEB Gold, LEB Silver and Women's League 2 as the sanitary measures established in the sanitary protocol drawn up by the FEB and the principle of competition on equal terms cannot be guaranteed and, consequently, ends the Season 2019/20 in all of them according to the resolutions adopted by this same Delegate Commission at its meeting on May 8.

According to these agreements, in the LEB Gold League they ascend to the ACB League the first two teams classified as of the last day played (March 8, 2020): Carramimbre CBC Valladolid and Delteco Gipuzkoa Basket .

In the LEB Silver League promoted to LEB Gold the top three teams ranked as of the last matchday played (March 8, 2020): Real Murcia Basketball, Basketball Girona and UBU Tizona .

And in the Women's League 2, Endesa Women's League promoted the first classified of the Regular League group 'A' and the first classified of the Regular League group 'B' as of the last disputed day (March 8, 2020): Movistar Students and Snatt's Femení Sant Adrià .

The approval of this resolution by the Delegate Commission of the Spanish Basketball Federation It is produced in accordance with the resolution of the President of the CSD dated April 30, and ends the federal route.

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