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Changes in routines, shortening the preseason and empty stands are some of the keys to football during the pandemic.

 Oyarzabal celebrates 6-0 in the face of despair

Oyarzabal celebrates 6-0 to the despair of the German players.

On Tuesday, 6-0 in Spain at La Cartuja left some of the keys on the table in which pandemic football is handled. An absolutely anomalous result, a couple of injuries and a handful of open questions before the inscrutable horizon. How is it possible that Germany displayed such an anti-competitive profile? Why Sergio Ramos suffered his first serious muscle problem in three years? Until when can this rhythm be maintained now that the Champions League is back?
My footballers

are playing non-stop every three days. If we are not extremely cautious, in the summer we will face enormous problems, warned

Joachim Lw

the head of the worst

defeat of the


from 1931

. This complaint, more or less pertinent, had already been shared by stars of the stature of

Kylian Mbapp


Jos Mourinho

. However, analyzes of the German sinking should not be limited to stress overload alone. Nor can the 4-1 of Hoffenheim to Bayern be understood, the

1-6 of Tottenham at Old Trafford

or the three goals of Shakthar in 45 minutes at Real Madrid without the confluence of other circumstances.
Of all the ways to approach this phenomenon,

Javier Vidal

a physical trainer from Getafe, chooses the factor mixer. Just yesterday, in the locker room, we commented that they had been able to get 10. It was very surprising how such a solid selection split and crumbled, says Vidal, without losing sight of two more data: 1)

Unai Simn

gave more successful passes (42) than 14 rivals. 2) The best German individual statistic was signed by

Benjamin Henrichs

which came out in minute 77.

"Everything has changed"

At this point is where

Juan Carlos Campillo

sports psychologist, adds another essential factor: competitive tension in an empty stadium. The optimal level of tension is neither relaxation nor anxiety. Here, the coach's job is crucial. You have to keep your footballers highly psyched and plugged in. Otherwise they will run out of stimuli, points out the assistant of

Julen Lopetegui

in Sanchez Pizjun.
In the era of Covid-19, with such a reduced preseason, the footballer needs new routes to optimize his performance. Everything has changed in the preparation, emphasizes Vidal. Before, my colleagues from the big teams complained about the preseason tours, because there was no time for anything. After a training session the friendly arrived. However, those days are now drawn as an idyllic past. This is like a small jail, adds

assistant Jos Bordals


We noticed an increase in injuries, although not as great as was thought

Javier Vidal, physiotherapist from Getafe

There are countless details that alter the fragile dynamics of professionals, from the travel plan to the prohibition of showering. Or the mandate of LaLiga to give the alignment two hours before the game. The footballer has very marked routines and very programmed plans. At first it seems that he does not notice it, but of course it upsets him. If there has not been a disconnection time, all those details, sooner or later, end up coming out, says Campillo, even citing some wedding cancellations.

28 days off

In LaLiga, without going any further, he went from the usual seven and a half weeks of rest, to only 28 days. Since then, the main victim was Real Sociedad, with 20 injured in nine games. We all noticed an increase, although not as great as previously thought. In our case we have taken measures, but it has not risen too much. Halfway through the season we will have more reliable data, celebrates Vidal, proud of his Getafe. His two cases, the best figure on the European scene, contrast with the 15 of Real Madrid.
From Sevilla's perspective, Campillo addresses a final factor to fit the pieces. Above all they talk to me about the subject of the public. There are players of a lot of quality, but now they feel very lost on the grass, as if it were just a training session. Some lack that point of the shouting, the whistling or the applause, details this expert in


one of the architects of the success of

Carolina Marn


Without an audience, some players feel very lost, as if it were just a training session

Juan Carlos Campillo, Sevilla psychologist

Of course, the factor of playing at home seems to have completely faded. Last August, four researchers from the universities of Northumbria (Newcastle) and Leeds published a study where they analyzed 9,528 matches in 15 categories of 11 European countries, from the Premier League to the Danish league. 6,976 of these duels were prior to Covid-19 and the remaining 2,552 were played behind closed doors. According to their conclusions, the local teams continued to score an average of 0.22 points more than the visitors. However, this baggage accounted for almost half of the gain prior to the outbreak of the pandemic (0.39). In the same way, the number of goals evolved: 0.15 ms on average compared to 0.29 in normal circumstances.

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